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Her hair "grows"

so that you can

fashion it in

any style



New hair glamour headquarters for

all fashion dolls.


atmosphere of

beauty reigns in high-style colors

and professional furnishings like

'lryer-chairs, ottoman, manicure

table, shampoo stands, beauty bar.

Laminated chipboard. 22x9x14 in.

Salon folds. Unassembled.

79 N 9317C-Wt. 7 lbs .... $5.87

Change her hair length to short, medium or long

by simply turning her removable "magic key" ..

then create the fashion hairdo that best suits

Tressy's social calendar for the day. Style any–

thing from a casual ponytail to a formal top–

knot. A figure-perfect 11


tall in jointed

plastic. she wears the same clothes as other fash–

ion dolls.


shift, panties, pumps. Stand.


Miss American Character. Top winner at At–

lantic City .. gown, bouquet, trophy, gloves, tiara.

49 N 3964-Shipping weight 7 ounces .. ... $3.29


Hootenanny. Slack set, bag, guitar, music book.

49 N 3782-Shipping weight 4 ounces .. $1.97


Executive Sweet. Smart suit, blouse, pad, pencil.

49 N 3788-Shipping weight 2 ounces . . $1.64


Miss Suburbia. Gaily checked shirt, Bermudas.

49 N 3792-Shipping weight 2 ounces .. $1.57


Campus Casual. Bulky knit sweater, plaid

corduroy skirt and


49 N 3799-Shipping weight 2 ounces... . . $1.64


Sophisticated lady. Empire style velvet shift.

49 N 3801-Shipping weight 2 ounces .. $1.37


Neat Knit. Jersey jumper, blouse, rope belt.

49 N 3827-Shipping weight 2 ounces .. $1.33


Black Magic. Velveteen gown, stole, accessories.

49 N 3828-Shipping weight 3 ounces .. $1.97

49 N 3923-Shipping weight 12 ounces .. $3.47

Dolls not included with outfits. Tressy fashions also fit Barbie, Midge and other 11Y, inch do/is.

Hairstyle Kit


Every hairdressing need .. hair roll–

ers, curlers, lotion and bottle, pins,

spray, instructions, carryall.

49 N 3780-Wt. 8 oz... Kit $1.99




Curler Set


Here's realistic inspiration for new

dolly styles. Scaled to size for all

miniature 11 and 12-in. sophisti–

cates. Comb, brush, mirror set and

actual curlers included.

49 N 3911-Wt. 1 oz.. . . .Set 79c

Hair Dryer $247

It blows air like the real thing.


cludes comb, brush, mirror, hairset,

curlers, bonnet. Needs 2 "D" batteries.

49 N 9369-Shpg. wt. 12 oz .. $2.47


Battery. Shpg.


ea. 4 oz.

49 N 4660 . ...•2 for 32c; 4 for 60c

13-inch vinyl case with nickel-plated

trim. Just the thing to keep Barbie,

Ken. Midge, Tammy, Tressy or

Brenda Starr fresh as new. Colorful

liillng, accessory drawer, hangers.

49 N 9370-Wt. 4lbs. 8 oz... .$4.99