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BRILLIANTLY CHROMED frame, fenders, rims, chain guard-everywhere except tank, carrier

FULLY EQUIPPED with horn, headlight, reflector pedals, dashboard control panel for light, horn

With regular brakes





boys', girls'

Unusually low priced for a bike with so much chrome plating, so many extras. Grace–

fully swept 4-bar frame makes it stronger. Tank, carrier are metallic red for boys', tur–

quoise for girls'. Headlight uses 2 "D" batteries (not included). 1.75-inch whitewalls.

Only $8 more buys Boys' 26-inch

with 2 speeds, power brakes

26-inch Spaceliner with Bendix regular coaster brake. Shipping weight 57 pounds.

W6 N 46940N-Boys' ....... $46.88

W6 N 46950N-Girls' ........ $46.88

Same beautiful Spaceliner as shown, but Bendix 2-speed

hub lets you back-pedal slightly to shift "low" on hills.

Hit the brakes and you stop with 323 more power.

24-inch Spaceliner with Bendix regular coaster brake. Shipping weight 54 pounds.

W6 N 46960N-Boys' ....... $46.88

W6 N 46970N-Girls' ........ $46.88

W6 N 46980N-Shpg. wt. 58 lbs............ $54.88

Twin-light Generator Set. Front,

rear light give added safety at night.

Fits all bikes-lightweight or mid–

weight. No batteries are needed . .

generator supplies power from move–

ment of tires. Chrome-plated to resist

rusting. R1lllr red tail light. Mounting

fittings included. From Japan.

6 N 48115-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs...$5.49

12-inch-deep Saddle Baskets. Easier

steering with loads carried at rear.

Balance is better because baskets are

lower. Sturdy steel wire-bright plat–

ed to resist rusting. 12 in. long,



wide. Room enough for all your books

and then some. Universal clamp fits

all 24 or 26-inch bikes.

6 N 48450C-Shpg. wt. 4 lbs.. $2.88

Check your speed

at a glance on

color-keyed numbers

Pace yourself on long trips or

try for speed records on the

short jaunts. Speedometer re–

cords up to 40 MPH, distance

up to


miles. Clear

plastic window.

Fits 24, 26-inch bikes with

front axles 5 in. or longer.

Cables and fittings included.

Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 6 oz.

6 N 48800 ........... $4.79