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with tommy gun,

2 grenades, helmet

and walkie talkie

16-inch camouflaged Patrol Bike


Remove tank .. boy


girl can use

this versatile 16-inch Bike

As low as


Scout out the enemy.


they see you first, take cover. Lob in a play hand grenade and

finish off the rest with submachine gun.


you're in trouble, ca11 for help on play-plastic

walkie talkie (non-operative) or jump on cycle and whiz away. Training wheels for

beginners. I%-inch semi-pneumatic tires; while rims. Direct drive.

Sure-supporting training wheels let little shavers climb aboard

and learn to balance themselves without adult help. As toddlers

grow up, he or she can use same bike by removing tank. Semi–

pneumatic 16x1 %-inch tires can't puncture. Metal seat.

W6 N 47811 N-With coaster brake. Shpg. wt. 35 lbs. .$18.85

W6 N 47812N-With direct drive. Shpg. wt. 35 lbs.... 15.85

Bike with Twin-flre "engine." Coaster brake.

See Note below.

W6 N 47861 N-Shipping weight 35 pounds .......................... . ... $19.95

W6 N 47814N2-Shipping weight 37 pounds . .... . .. .$22.70

Twin-fire motor-sound "engine", training


wheels, removable tank .. it's a 20-incher

At this low price you also get 1.75-in.

semi-pneumatic tires; regular coaster

brake. Chrome-plated bars, hub.

Coil-spring saddle.

See Note below.

W6 N 47502N-Wt. 41 lbs.. $26.67

Bike only. Tank reverses for girls'.

W6N47500N-Wt. 39 lbs. $22.88

Bike with Mattel V-RROOM




See Note below.

W6 N47503 N2-Wt.41 lbs:$27 .20

A 20-incher styled after big bikes .. with


chrome-plated fenders, rims, handlebars

Fully pneumatic 1.75x20-inch midweight tires. Removable training wheels.

Meta11ic colors: boys', red .. girls' blue. Coil-spring saddle.

W6 N 47602N-Boys' W6 N 47612N-Girls'. Shpg. wt. 41 lbs. $28.95

Boys' Bike with Twin-flre motor-sound "engine" number 6



W6 N 47604N2-Shipping weight 43 pounds................... 32.75

NOTE: Alt bikes shipped freig-ht (roil or truck} or express. All .bikes with motor-sound engines take 2 "D" balferies (not included.}


see page 306





MoneyDown on




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