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Ted Williams Table Tennis

Set with finest 5-ply paddles

Extra-large rubber facing

comes rig/a


paddle's edge.

That's why ball flies straight

and true .. even if hardly caught by edge

of padclJe. Wide, quick-tightening 72-in.

net stops around-end sneak shots. Clamps

lock in place automatically.

Four 5-ply basswood paddles have vinyl–

wound, sure-grip handles. Set includes six

long-lasting tournament


6 N 2542-Shpg. wt. 5 lbs...• Set $10.00

Set with 5-ply paddles


Four sturdy basswood paddles



inated handles and pebble-rubber faces.


net with clamps. 6


6 N 2533-Wt. 4 lbs. 6 oz...... Set $6.47

Set with 3-ply paddles


Four pebble-rubber faced paddles

wood handles. 60-in. net, clamps. 2 balls.

6 N 2712-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs...... Set $2.87

Box of6


Tournament Balls. Built to really take a

wallop. Box of 6. From England.

6 N 2550-Shpg. wt. 5 oz........Box 67c

Archery Sets

with solid fiber glass bows

the toughest kind built .. plenty of power, too

The 5 ft. 2 in. bow makes a rngged

sidekick afield and a long-lasting

bow on the target range. Recurved

for power. Fires an arrow almost too

high to see, outshoots wood bows

that lack its sensational strength.

Cotton suede bow case. Six 28-

inch matched cedar arrows. 24-iuch

target face. Leather arm guard,

finger tab and quiver. Instructions


6 N 27074L-25-30-lb. draw

6 N 27075L-30-35-lb. draw

6 N 27076L-35-40-lb. draw

Sbpg. wt. 4lbs......... Set $12.95

Teen Set


with tripod-target$

4-color target (for up to 40-lb. bows)


24-inch cardboard face, and

sisal core. Gentle, yet powerful 4).1!–

foot recurved bow (about 20-lb.

draw). Complete set includes four

24-in. cedar arrows, quiver, arm

guard, finger tab and foll instructions.

6N2725L2-Wt. 10 lbs. Set $10.44

Teen Set with 24-in. target face.

Same as above but no tripod-target.

6 N2736L-Wt. 2 lbs... Set $6.67


6 N 2727L-Wt. 5 lbs...... $4.47

Field Archery Set with solid fiber




and "wild animal" targets

Set up a "hunting course" as in big field archery tournaments.

Or play wild Indians and keep fox and cougar from camp. Powerful

4-foot solid fiber glass bow outshoots any Indian bow


its draw

weight (about 20 lbs.). One-inch thick cardboard targets. Four

24-inch arrows. Paper hunting quiver. Leather finger tab and arm

guard. Dacron@ polyester bow string. Handbook. Assorted size

targets and faces. For ages to 14.

6 N 27066l-Shipping weight 10 pounds* ............. Set $9.97

NOTE: Allow postage for 10


under Postal Regulations

Economical Hickory Bow Set


Recurved 4%-ft. bow built of

seasoned hickory staves. Draw

weight about 15 pounds. Four

22-inch arrows, arm guard,

finger tab and quiver. Target

face, instructions.

Shipping weight 3 pounds.

6 N 2586C ....... Set $5.25