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Shooting Gallery with "swimming" ducks,

2 spinning side targets, bell-ringing center

target .. keeps young shooters indoors



Hit bull's-eye to ring bell and dunk


in "water tank" .. pull cord and he's reset

Safely traps BB's or .22-caliber pellets from all C02 and air guns.

Ducks play follow the leader .. flop out of sight when hit. Bell chimes

when you hit middle target dead center. Two side targets turn slowly,

each with 3 white bull's-eyes. Electric motor powered. Heavy-gauge steel

18x13x6 in. 110-120-v, 60-c, AC-DC. UL listed. Extra targets provided.

"Dunk Him" target game. For all C02 and air gu11S firing BB's

and .22-cal. pellets. Safely traps tbem, too. 15-yd. nylon cord on

rewind plastic spool to reset at a distance.



Extra targets.

6 N 1916-Shipping weight 8 pounds ........................ $9.75

Replacement Set of 34 Targets.

6 N 1915-Shipping weight 4 ounces....................... Set 39c

6 N 1917-Shipping weight 8 pounds 14 ounces....... $8.95




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Powerful C02 Pistol

fires BB's at 375

foot-per-second speed

Authentic heft and balance, too (actual weight is

22 oz.). Highly accurate rear sight adjusts for

windage, elevation. Comfortable contoured hand–

fitting grip. New, easy-swing loading action.

Holds 185 BB's.

Includes BB 's, C02 cartridge. Shipped express





6 N 1918N-iShipping weight 3 lbs.) ... $14.50

BB 6-Gun and Shooting Gallery Outfit.

Up to 12 fast shots. Spring-powered.

Automatic feed, heft and balance of

guns used by gu11Slingers in days of the

old west. Plastic and metal spinning

shooting gallery. BB's, targets incl.

Shipped express. Sbpg. wt. 3 lbs.

6 N 1922N ............. Outfit $6.97

20-shot BB Repeater. Also shoots pellets,

darts. Accurate with heft and balance of

a real ".45". Fast load. Positive on-off

safety. Sturdy steel. Baked-on black

finish. Spring-powered. BB tray, BB's,

.177 caliber pellets, darts incl.

Shipped express.

6 N 1914N-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.... $6.45