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Isometric-Isotonic Gym adjusts quickly,

easily for over 70 exercises

Takes only 51¥2x34-in. area in family room,

basement or garage. Leave it set up, spend

a few minutes each day on beneficial exercises.

Used by athletes to keep muscles primed up

during and between seasons .. business men

will find the 7-minute health program included

a fine all-over body-build-up guide .. house–

wives can exercise daily to help keep them in

trim. Even youngsters may prepare for any

school spert with this Isometric-Isotonic Gym

Complete I sometric Gym

Gym, [so-Cords and [so-Bench


The lso-Gym. Extra strong 1Joi-in. bright-finished tubular

steel bars; blue-enameled steel slats. Chin bar adjusts for a

variety of exercises. For weightlifters, special U-bars on upright

posts turn gym into a press bench. Complete, illustrated in–

structions included for use of gym, cords, bench. Unassembled.

Shipped by freight (rail or truck) or express.


The lso-Cords let you exercise at different angles and posi–

tions, toning muscles you may not use with gym alone·

Set of 2 rubber cords, handles, pulleys. Unassembled.


The lso-Bench is curved for a reason. You must do a "roll-up"

type of sit up which is far better than sit ups on a flat board

in that the !so-Bench stretches abdominal muscles and helps

strengthen the trunk. Foot strap increases variety of exercises.

Weightlifters will need the bench. Steel. Unassembled.

6 N 1596N3-Complete Set. Shpg. wt.


lbs...... Set $52.00

6 N 1593N-Iso-Gym only. Shpg. wt. 49 lbs.......... 27.95

6 N 1594-Iso-Cords only. Shpg. wt.


lbs............ 8.95

6 N 1595L-lso-Bench only. Shpg. wt. 32 lbs.......... 17.95

This compact Gym Set lets the whole family exercise

at the same time


in the same room

Look at the equipment you get for this one low price. Jumbo

chest pull with


removable spring-steel cables, isometric

strap and rubber Stretch Row for exercising almost all muscles.

Chinning bar stays in 25-35-inch wide doorway by pressure,

supports 200 pounds. For a more rounded workou.t, stirrups,

handles and 2 wood bars attach to springs to !Dake a rowing

machine, a barbell. Skip rope with handles; medium strength

hand grips. Easy-to-follow instructions help adults keep trim

.. youngsters develop greater athletic potential.

6 N 1560C-Shipping weight 13 pounds .......... Set $18.95