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LILLY Doll with elegant



high-fashion wardrobe



in. tall. has rooted hair. Four extra

outfits: bridal gown with veil; cotton dress

with bow trim; party dress with silver-color

metallic trim; felt coat, panties. shoes, flowers.

Plastic; jointed head, arms. legs.

49 N 3832-Shipping weight


oz.. . .. $2.99

Suzy is 12 inches tall. Has rooted hair in a

popular teen-age style. Dressed in colorful

sunsuit. Other outfits include: 2-piece culotte

ensemble; cotton dress, sleeveless dress, 2-

piece knit suit. Purse, shoes. Vinyl head; joint–

ed plastic body.

49 N 3834-Shipping weight 8 oz.... $2.99

with casual wardrobe

This little girl has rooted hair. She's dressed

in a sporty sunsuit. 4 extra outfits: blue jeans,

checked sleeveless blouse; felt weskit with

skirt; coat; housecoat. Other accessories:

panties, hangers, purse, belt, comb. Vinyl

head, jointed plastic body.

49 N 3831-Shipping weight


oz. . .. $2.99

12-mch TOMMY Doll


with sporty outfits


He's off to the beach, in trunks and jacket.

Ward.robe includes: slacks, prillt shirt; 2-pc.

pajamas; 2-pc. cabana set. Accessories: sun

glasses, soap. sponge, towel, slippers. Vinyl

head; jointed plastic body.

49 N 3836-Shipping weight


oz.... $2.99


owns a fully-equipped vanity table

A pert 11


fashion doll dressed in gown and

peignoir. She's plastic, completely jointed for

posing. Rooted hair. P.lastic storage hassock,

vanity with flip-up mirror, cosmetic bottles. hand

mirror, comb, phone, picture (Note: ·print and

color of peignoir may vary.)

49 N 3851-Shipping weight 1 lb. . ... . .. $2.88


look and act like big appliances


Vacuum Cleaner. Picks up dust from

dolly's carpet. Power pack included. Also

carpet, upholstery and drapery attachments.

About 2x2 inches high. Order 2 "D" batteries


49 N 9379-Sh.ipping weight 10 oz.. . .$2.66


Washer-Dryer. Actually spins when plug-

ged in. Power pack included. Basket.

clothesline, pins, deterge11t. 3x4 in. high.

Order 2 "D" batteries below.

49N9380-Sh.ippingweight12 oz. . .. $2.66

"D" batteries. Shipping weight ea. 4 oz.

49 N 4660 ..... . ... . .2 for 32c; 4 for 60c

·5-in-1 Twin Bed


.. place it anywhere in

the doll house. Easily

changes from bed




Bed converts from Hollywood-style

twin beds to a sofa; bunk beds or

twin beds with single headboard,

sofa with bed. 8%x16 inches long

with headboard. Birchwood, 2 pil–

lows, coverlets.

49 N 9373-Wt. 1lb.8 oz... $3.69