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Pen-style Pocket Light. So

handy . . slim, modern design

fits pocket or purse. Heavily

chrome-plated steel, convenient

clip. Rotary on-off switch. Only

5U in. long. 2 batteries incl.

34 N 4433-Shpg. wt. 3 oz.. $1.29

Miniature Flashlights. Great gift

idea! An ideal way to show your

appreciation to those who have

been so nice throughout the year.

Also, they make great Christmas

stocking "stuffers" that are prac–

tical, too. Bulb, battery incl.


With money clip. Attractive

gold-color finish.


34 N 4453-Shpg. wt. 3 oz.. $2.00



With gold-color case.



glass decorated; chain.

· 34 N 4454-Shpg. wt. 2 oz.. $2.00


With simulated leather–

grained key case. 4 holders.

34 N 4455-Shpg. wt. 2 oz.$1.00


Explorer Spotlight-Floodlight-Flasher. Our best quality

lantern. Perfect for all types of outdoor and indoor light–

ing-even use it for general illumination in emergencies.

Flick one switch to get long, narrow beam .. flick another for

short, broad beam .. flick again for red flasher. Made of

tough, break-resistant plastic. Blue. Incl. 6-volt battery.

34 N 4832-Shipping weight 4 lbs. 6 oz............ $9.95


Spotlight-Flasher. Red flasher section may be removed

from unit and set up to 25 feet away from car .. to warn

oncoming traffic; use spotlight to illuminate the trouble area.

Aluminum. Uses 6-volt lantern-type battery (order below).

34 N 4828-Shipping weight 2 pounds..... ... ... . .$5.95


Spotlight-Flasher. Throws


beam a full


mile. Red

flasher signals emergency. 2 switches. Incl. 6-volt battery.

34 N 4804-Shipping weight 4 pounds 10 ounces.... $3.99


Floating Lantern.


you've ever had the misfortune of

dropping your flashlight or lantern overboard, you can

appreciate the value of owning one that won't sink. Makes

an ideal gift for fishing and boating enthusiasts! Throws



mile beam. Plastic case. Incl. 6-volt battery.

34 N 4818-Shipping weight l lb. 10 oz............ $2.95


Powermaster "D" size. Flashlight battery.

34 N 4660-Wt. 4 oz. Each 16c; 4for 60c


Pawermaster "C" size. Flashlight battery.

34 N 4665-Wt. 2 oz.. Each 17c; 4for 60c


Explorer "D" size. Flashlight battery.

Equivalent to Ray-0-Vac 5LP and Eveready

D99. Heayy-duty quality. Up to 35% longer

life than Powermaster battery above, 50% more

than standard. Ideal for high-drain usage.

34 N 4662-Wt. 4 oz.... Each 2lc; 4 for 76c


Powermaster 6-volt lant.ern type. Spring

terminals. Equivalent to Eveready 509 and

Ray-0-Vac 941 batteries.

34 N 4667-Shipping


1 lb. 6 oz..... 79c


Powermaster "AA" size. Penlight battery.

34 N 4666-Wt. 1 oz..Ea. l 7c; 4 for 60c

Just plug into 110-120-volt AC outlet to recharge.


New Eveready "Captain." Equal


brightness to a



flashlight. Get over 60 minutes

of dependable light per charge. Converuent 3-way

"rocker" switch: on, off, flasher. Handsome, black plas–

tic case is built to withstand rough use.

• 34 N 4481-Shipping weight 1 lb. 6 oz....... $12.95


New Gulton "Zoom." Has 3-way switch: on, off and

powerful "flood" position for seeing wide areas.

Attractive charcoal-color plastic case.

34 N 4480-Shipping weight 1 lb............ $12.50


Powerful Life Lite. Throws wide, strong beam.

Carrying thong and built-in magnet make it so

comrenient to use. Gray and gold-color combination.

34 N 4485-Shipping weight 14 ounces ....... $8.95


Low priced. Throws narrow, strong beam. Slim

and compact .. perfect for pocket or purse. Battery

never needs replacement .. can't be overcharged. Beige

and brown plastic case. Handy pocket clip. Hermeti–

cally sealed . . can't corrode.

34 N 4468-Shipping weight 7 ounces ........ $4.98

Fine-quality Batteries