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Reed Chord Organ

You don't need to know music ..

anyone who can read numbers

can play it. Your melody and

your chords take only one finger

each. You can play favorite

songs without reading notes.

Simply match letters, numbers

to songbook. Full-size keys, 18

chord buttons.

And thebig-organmusic comes

from a real console .. not a port–

able. Stainless steel reeds. En–

closed hardwood cabinet. Wal–

nut-grained finish. About 32x26x

13 inches. Mechanism imported

from Italy.

W57 N 4744N-Organ only.



Shpg. wt. 52 lbs. Cash $95 .00

Matching Bench. Walnut veneer.

About 2Sx21xl3 in. Hinged lid.


Music Books for

reed organ above

For all 18 or 30-button Sears


organs. Single-staff music

with chord designations for those

who read music, numbers and

letters for the chord player.

favorite Songs . . about 148

hymns, baJlads, marches, Christ–

masmusic, folk music, love songs.

57 N 4602-Wt. 1 lb.... $4.95

All-time Favorites .. about 128

greats .. Down by the Station,

After the BaJI, Because, Wed–

ding March, Mood Indigo.

57 N 4603-Wt. 1 lb... . $4.95

74-key Electronic Transistor Organ




Transistorized tone generators create the mighty, pulsat–

ing organ sound (no reeds). And you can imitate the

sounds of flutes, violins .. choose any combination of 5

musical instrument effects.

The 17 keys on the left side of lower keyboard are



with chord-tab "On," they serve as 17

rich, full automatic chords to make organ-playing so easy

beginners use just one finger on each hand. Match letters

and numbers on keys to those in the mnsic book to play

both melody and chords. With chord-tab "Off" .. 13 bass

Qedals are activated, the 17 keys convert to regular notes,

the 5 voices can be added .. thus the advanced musician

can play with the full range of a big 74-key organ.

Like instruments of an orchestra, S voices can be added:

flute, diapason and violin on the upper keyboard . .

stopped flute and clarinet on the lower keyboard.

Change tonal color with the vibrato tab.

Touch the big expression pedal with your foot and

hear your music swell. 10-inch speaker. Walnut veneer

cabinet. About 39x35x22 in.

W57N4728N-Shpg..wt. llSlbs.



Cash $389.95

Matching Bench. Walnut veneer. About 25x21x13 in.

W57 N 4714C-Shipping weight 14 lbs.. . .... $18.95

Shipping, Electrical Note: See shipping information,



All organs UL listed for 110-120-v., 60-c. AC.


No MoneyDown on




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