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Here's the tiny SOLID STATE (transistorized) amplifier that eliminates tubes.

Not until it came along has it been possible to hear such astonishing lifelike

music in a STEREO PORTABLE .. now, in


less space our engineers can pack

the Sound of a mighty Console

Same component-quality changer as

on our finest big wood consoles.

Same amplifier as in our 80-watt con–

sole. And the same type high com–

pliance speakers used on fine com·

ponent systems. We even seal the

speakers in airtight enclosures for

richer bass tones .. . all this in a furni·

ture-matching cabinet you can carry

Our finest .. most powerful amplifier ever in a

Sears portable .. 40 watts of EIA music power

(Electronic Industries Association ratings).

Finest speaker system, too .. two


high compliance speakers for richer bass,


four 3-inch take-off tweeters for really true-to–

life highs.

Smooth speed 11-inch turntable, low mass

3-gram tracking force, record-saving floating

cartridge. Automatic last-record shutoff. Bass, .

treble, volume, balance controls. Long-life

diamond, synthetic sapphire needle. 45-rpm

spindle adapter included. Plays



stereo or monaural.

Leatherette-covered wood cabinet about

3lx16xl7 in. Opens to 52 inches. Has eye–

lets for wall mounting. Silver-brown with

teakwood wood-effect leatherette on front.

Shipping weight 44 pounds.


5278N-$7.501nonthly ..

Cash $149.95


Sears transistorized phonographs operate


regular 110-120-vo/t house current

Transistorized Stereo Phonograph

with two removable wings


High compliance speakers, more powerful

amplifier for more lifelike stereo than

phono below. Weighted 11-in. turntable;

floating tone arm plays stereo or monaural

records. Plays all 4 speeds. 45-rpm adapter

included. Easy-loading tilt-down style. Up–

front bass, treble, volume, balance controls.

Long life diamond, synthetic sapphire needle.

Last-record automatic shutoff. Two


two 4-in. speakers. About 25x!Ox15 in. Green

leatherette covering with teak-finish wood

effect in front to match your furnishings.

$5 mo.

57 N 5274L-Shpg. wt. 36 lbs. Cash $94.50

Transistorized .. tilt out changer


Two-channel amplifier. Two 5;!i-in. speak-

ers, one in removable wing. Plays all 4

speeds, stereo or monaural records. Synthetic

sapphire needle. Last-record shutoff. Metallic

blue, off-white. Leatherette cover. About

19xl5xl0 in. 45-rpm adapter incl.

$5 1nontltly.

57 N 5270L-Shpg. wt. 26 lbs. Cash $57.95


Catalog numbers ending with "N"

(as 57N5278N} freight (rail, trvck) or expren