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Get the amazing new SOLID

STATE (transistorized) ampli ·

fier that

uses no tubes,


easy-loading tilt-out changer

that handles records so gently

it can even play delicate stereo

records safely. And we've

mounted the giant 5%-inch

speaker into its own sound

chamber for bigger, clearer

monaural sound than ever be–

fore in a Sears portable pho–


Our Best






T iny transistors produce the power of bigger

tube-type phonos .. yet take less space so the

cabinet's smaller, easier to carry. And they go

to work instantly .. no warm up needed.

Plays 4 speeds . . all standard and stereo

records monaurally. Intermixes sizes, shuts

off after last •record. Turnover synthetic sap–

phire needle. 45-rpm spindle incl . White and

coral leatherette covered.. About 16x15x\0 in.

57 N5262L- Wt. 22 lbs.

$5 1110.

Cash $48.95

NOTE, both pages:

All phonos operate on regular house

current. All UL Listed for 110- 120-volt, 60-cycle AC.





Our lightest 4-speed

electrically amplified

Automatic Phonograph

.. room-size monaural sound'

from a big 5%'-in. speaker

And it's so easy to carry . . weighs only 15)1

lbs. and folds into a slim, luggage case. Only

about 19x l5x8 inches.

Plays all 4 speeds. Plays standard or stereo

records monaurally, intermixes sizes, shuts off

automatically after last record plays.

Compatible cartridge can't harm stereo

records. Tone and volume controls. Dual syn–

thetic sapphire needle.

Wood case in blue and off-white leather–

ette. $5

111011/hly 011 Sears Easy Terms.

57 N 5260L-Shpg. wt. 21lbs. .Cash $38.95

45-rpm Spindle Adapter for above.

57 N 9995-Shipping weight 8 oz.. ... 1.40

No Money Down


No Monthly Payments

until February 1965


see page 352