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Flat-top Folk Guitar

Deep all-birch body and steel

strings create big,



Even smaller fingers will find this guitar easy to

play .. thanks to its slim, thin neck with strings

set close to the ebonized fingerboard.

Steel rod reinforces neck. Inlaid position mar–

kers. Pick guard. Lacquer finish, white striping.

Nickel-plated tailpiece. About 40x15 in. How-to–

play record, chart, pick.

$4 monthly.

57 N 615l-Shpg. wt. 10 lbs ..... Cash $2 1.95

With Carry-Bag. Sturdy plastic, lined. Zip close.

57 N 762 L2-Wt. 12 lbs.

$4 mo•. .

Cash $2 7.45




Our finest Folk Banjo

With 5 strings and extra-long

neck for full-range picking

Here's traditional folk-banjo styling . . with a

genuine calfskin head for that powerful banjo

ring and snap. Flashing gold-color shell. Won't

warp . . boasts 30 sparkling nickel-plated

brackets, armrest and tension ring.

Steel rod reinforces neck. Black ebonized 25-

fret fingerboard; 32-in. scale. Includes capo for

quick key changes, leatherette-covered chip–

board carrying case, extra strings, pick, instruc–

tion book. About 43x13 inches.

$5 monthly.

57 N 805L-Shpg. wt. 10 lbs.... Cash $69.95

The soft NYLON strings

on this guitar create

a gentle, bell-like

tone that 's impossible to

get with steel strings.

And they're spaced wide

apart so you can do

the finger-style picking

so popular in all folk

and classical music

Here's true classic sty.ling . . with the

same basic design that famous guitar

makers perfected centuries ago. And ours

is hand-crafted with a top of thin spruce

.. world's most resonant acoustical wood.

This, plus the nylon strings, creates the

rich tone possible only on a classic guitar.

Tiny fan-bracing under top adds addi–

tional strength and sound richness.

Hardwood frame, back and neck. Rose–

wood bridge. Side position markers. Pro–

tective cellu.loid binding. About 39x15

inches. With leatherette-covered chip–

board carrying case, extra set of strings

and instruction book.



57N657L-Shpg. wt. 11 lbs. Cash $49.95