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Guitar Amplifier

Big 12-inch speaker



Big speaker delivers your music

clean and clear. And 15 watts of

music power assures plenty of vol–

ume and tone. Built-in vibrato adds

exciting sound effects to your play–

ing .. can be turned on or off in–

stantly with foot switch.

Built-in pre-amp boosts sound

coming from guitar pickups. Uses


tubes, rectifier. 80-9,000-CPS re–

sponse. Volume, tone, vibrato speed

and intensity controls. 2 channels,

3input jacks. Gray leatherette, white

grille. About 17x20x8 in.

$5 monthly.

57N1482L- \Vt. 26lbs.Cash $68.95

The Electro-Harp

Amplified .. easy




Powerful amplifier and big 9-inch

oval speaker treat you to room-fill–

ing sound .. and both are built con–

veniently into the case.

Anyone can play it .. just press

• one of 15 chord buttons and strum

strings lo accompany songs. And

you can create guitar, banjo or harp–

like music with proper picking.

Three-octave range, 36 strings.

Includes instructions with 20 popu–

lar tunes, pick, tuning key. Leather–

ette-covered plywood case. About

25xl6Y,x4V. in. For how-to-play

record, see Big Catalog.

$5 monthly.

57N1850L-Wt.22lbs.Cash $79.95



and Eleclro.Harp

UL listed /or 110-120-vo/t, 60-cyc/e


Solid-body Electric Guitar


So easy to play. And you enjoy powerful "all-steel string"

sound only solid-body guitars give. Dual pickups assure

right tone for chords and solo playing. True vibrato

tailpiece adds exciting "Hawaiian guitar" effects.

Two tone, 2 volume controls; 3-way pickup switch. Ad–

justable reinforcing rod in neck, rosewood fingerboard.

Adjustable rosewood bridge. About 39xl3x2 in.

57 N 1478L-Shpg. wt. 10 lbs.

$5 monthly.

Cash $89.95

Leatherette-covered Chipboard Case for above.

57 N 740L-Shipping weight 8 pounds ........ 12.95



Above guitar and guitar amplifier at left.

57N1497L2-Shpg. wt. 38 lbs.




Cash $153.90

Autoharp and Case.

Easy to play .. no fingering needed.

Just press any of 12 chord buttons and strum. Great

for folk songs, western music accompaniment. Three–

octave scale, 36 strings. Plywood body about 25x16V.x4V.

in. With 4 picks, tuning key, music holder, songbook,

instructions and leatherette-covered plywood case.

57 N 1844C2-Shpg. wt. 16 lbs.



Cash $35.90

Autoharp without carrying case.

$4 monthly



57 N 1845C-Shipping weight 8 lbs...... Cash $28.95