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Opens any shape can

with touch of finger

Same as our finest Kenmore unit at

right except it does not have the

knife sharpener feature.

34N83460-Turquoise enamel

34N83465-White enamel

34N83467-Yellow enamel

34N83469-Coppertone enamel

Shipping weight 6 pounds . . ... $13.66

Kenmore Electric

Can Openers with

Knife Sharpeners

Since you'll probably find your electric can opener is one of the most frequently

used appliances you owu, we recommend the one that is second-to-none at any

price, our finest Kenmore. Extra powerful motor and tool steel cutting wheel cuts

even dented cans without stalling, handles everything up to big juice cans.

Just depress lever to start-can


automatically gripped, perforated and opened.

Magnet holds lid in tilt position, allowing contents to drain back into the can.

Heavy die-cast metal housing, almost 50% heavier than on plastic models, gives

unusual stability and durability. Electric sharpener puts a precision cutting edge

on your knives and scissors. 8% inches high. Cord.


34 N 8348-Chrome-plated finish. Shipping weight 8 poU11ds .......... $21.95

34 N 83475-White enamel

34 N 83477-Yellow enamel

34 N 83470-Turquoise enamel

34 N 83479-Coppertone enamel

Shipping weight 8 pounds . . .......... . . . ............ . .. . ...... . .. .. $17.95

Just call Sears and say "Charge it"•


see page 353


Choice of

four colors