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put power in your carving .. slice soft cheese

angel food cake, roasts with ease

Best set has walnut cutting board


and stainless-steel carving fork



A complete carving set with our finest electric knife. Cutting

board, carving fork and knife store in beige and white molded–

plastic case for convenience. Slim contour handle is white plastic

with stainless-steel trim .. perfect balance makes using it a breeze.

Two stainless-steel Lifedge® serrated blades stay sharp, release

safely with switch. Removable 8-ft. cord. 1W-volt AC. 100 watts.

UL approved. 18 in. long.

11 N 4780-Shipping weight 5 pounds . ... . ..... .Set $23.99

Same slicing power as knife above




100 watts of slicing power . . faster cutting than knife below.

Plastic storage case. Precision-balanced plastic handle is

slender. Two stainless-steel Lifedge® blades release safely with

switch. Removable 8-ft. cord. 120-volt AC. UL approved. 18

inches long.

11N4776--Shipping weight 3 pounds . ..... ....... . $17.97

Powerful cutting action .. and only



90 watts of slicing power gives efficient slicing. Two stainless–

steel serrated blades. Gray, plastic handle. Removable 8-ft.

cord. 120-volt AC. UL listed. 18 in.

11 N 4777-Shipping weight 2 lbs. 12 oz..... . ... . ... $12.44


Safe-T-Guard protects fingers ..

stops slicing when your fingers aren't safe

Press-2-Clean button pops blade out and in

at a touch for safer, easier cleaning

7%-in. blade .. vacuum




Stainless-steel blade is big enough to cut a large roast .. han-

dles everything from household lunchmeats to large commer–

cial cuts .. food from paper thin to


inch thick. Gravity feed

into blade. Food clamp. Sliding platform comes off for easy clean–

ing. Vacuum base holds machine steady. Chrome-plated body.

110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC. Underwriters' Laboratories approved

for safety. 16Y2x12x9 in. high.

11 N 4766C-Shipping weight 15 pounds ... . ......... $38.99


blade .. vacuum




Stainless-steel blade slices food up to 5x87\! inches, from paper

thin to


thick. Same quality as above, but smaller. 110-

120-volt, 60-cycle AC. UL approved for safety. 14x12x6,Y2


11 N 4769-Shipping weight 14 pounds . . . ..... . .. . .. $34.99

6U-in. blade .. suction-cup base



Slices food up to 5x8


inches thick.


-inch stainless-steel

blade is serrated for sharpness. Suction-cup feet grip surface

firmly, keep slicer from slipping. Gravity feed. Food clamp.

Sliding platform removes. Chrome-plated body. 14Y2x12x8 in.

110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC-DC. UL approved for safety.

11N4771-Shipping weight 12 pounds . . .... . ....... $28.99