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Warm and beautiful


give one this Christmas

Sears 100% acrylic Automatic

The nap feels velvety soft and smooth ..

stays that way through the years because it's

FiberFast finished to resist shedding, matting,

pilling. Bound with lustrous 7-inch nylon.

Safety approved by Sears laboratory. UL listed.

Easy to care for..machine washes, warm temperature

Even the new round controls are modern and smart-looking. De–

signed with 11 temperature settings to give you comfort no matter

what the weather. Fitted with plastic hangers, so you can hang it

on the bed or set it beside you for fingertip convenience.

Fully guaranteed.


blanket or control is found defective with–

in 5 years from purchase date, return it for free repair or replacement

at our option. Binding guaranteed for blanket life or new binding

free. Convertible corners. 110-120 volt AC. Boxed.


4(Horizon blue); !O(f'ederal gold); 15(sage green); 20(light

Petal pink); 22(red apple); 27(whlte); 29(Parchment beige).


sure lo slate color mtmber.

96 N 7120H-Twin, 62x84


Single control. Wt. 6 lbs.... $14.97

96 N 7121H-Full, 72x84 in. Single control. Wt. 7 lbs..... 15.97

96 N 7122H-Full, 80x84 in. Dual controls. Wt. 7 lbs. 8 oz. 20.97

Rayon-cotton-acrylic blend Automatic

with shed and pill-resistant finish.

Machine washable .. safety approved.


A blend of fine fibers gives this blanket glowing color, serviceable firmness and

lasting strength. Convertible corners to be used flat, fitted. Control has 11

temp. settings, plastic hangers. Guaranteed 2 years.


blanket or control is de–

fective, return it for free repair or replacement at our option. 6-inch nylon binding

guaranteed for blanket life or new binding free. UL listed. 110-120 volt AC. Boxed.


20(light Petal pink); 4(Horizon blue); 8(Parchment brown); 15(Mint

green); 22(Cherry red).

Be sure lo stale color 1111mber.

96 N 7150H-Twin, 62x84in. Single control. Shipping weight


lbs. 2 oz. $10.97

96 N 7151H-Full, 72x84 in. Single control. Shipping weight


lbs. 7 oz. 11.97

96 N 7152H-Full, 72x84 in. Dual controls. Shipping weight 6 lbs. 1 oz. 15.97


economy blend-warm, strong




same colors as our higher priced blankets


This rayon, cotton, nylon blend will keep you snug, yet never weighs you down

(actual wt. only 2 lbs.). And it's finished to resist shedding, pilling and stay

good-looking. As easy to care for as any blanket can be .. simply toss it in the

machine to wash and dry at warm temp.


just won't lose


fluffy nap and

dashing color. Finished with a 4-inch nylon binding that's guaranteed for blanket

life or new binding free. 72x90-inch size


twin and full beds.


22(Cherry red); 4(Horizon blue); 6(Spice brown); 15(Mint green); 20(lt.

Petal pink); 24(Spice beige); 29(Sunshlne yellow).


color number.

96 N 8518H-Shlpping weight 2 pounds 4 ounces ..................... $2.79

Send for free "Decorating Made Easy" Kit 39 N 6890