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Sears personalized

Beauty Care Center

for home or travel



• Hair Dryer has fast-dryingl

Beehive Bonnet and

choice of 4 temperatures

• 5-piece power manicure set .

slide-open nail drying vent

for fast nail care

• Special perfume applicator

• Sturdy luggage-style case

• Any 2 initials for personalizing

in this attractive style




• • •





Large yet lightweight . . pretty yet practical- our new pastel-blue–

mist dryer gives 350 watts of heating power. Blue-and-white Beehive

Bonnet dries hair 35% faster than side-lined hoods tested in our lab.

Dial cool, warm, medium or hot. Favorite fragrance can be put on

perfume wick so that the scent circulates 011to hair as it dries.

Nails can be done in a jiffy with power manicure set and nail vent.

There's even an electric outlet. 40-inch flexible plastic hose locks on.

There's loads of room for cosmetics, hair needs, other accessories.

And behind the jumbo 9x14-inch metal mirror, there is space for the

bonnet and manicure attachments.

Titanite plastic case is really solid .. rough textured to resist travel

scuffs and scratches. Easy to clean .. wipe with damp cloth.

Adhesive backed initials easy to apply.

Print two initials wanted.



8786F-Shipping weight 5 pounds 8 ounces............ $17.95

One-year Guarantee on Sears Portable Hair Dryers


within 1 year from date of sale, your Sears Portable Hair Dryer fails

to operate properly due to defective materials or workmanship, return

it to your nearest Sears Retail Store, Catalog Sales Office or Catalog

Order Plant and we


replace it without charge.

See Note


opposite po9e