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Make 20 delicious cakes, pies, pastries, buns


with the 24 utensils in this 101-piece Set

Fix up these mouth-watering favorites:

• 20 frosted, decorated cakes

• 2 chocolate, 2 vanilla cookies

• 2 apple pies, 1 pudding

• 1 each corn muffins and biscuits




Easy to prepare .. just follow the recipe

book included. Utensils include 2 cake

pans, 2 pie pans, bread pan, cookie sheet,

muffin pan, rolling pin, mixing bowl,

pudding bowl, measuring spoons, cookie

cutters, decorator nozzles, 36 candles.



1216-Shpg. wt. 5 lbs.... ... $6.99

Make 11 dlfterent

kinds of cakes

• Chocolate Fudge

• Apple Spice

• Cherry Delight

• Holiday Mix

• Orange Delight

• Chocolate Flake



• Devil's Food


• Lemon

Bake and decorate 20 cakes

with this 80-piece

Jr. Chef Cake Mix Set

Set includes decorator nozzles,


8 other utensils, 36 candles

Little girls love to bake and win praises. This 80-piece set

provides all the incentive and materials they need. Young

chefs can take pride in mixing, baking, then decorating

these delicious cakes all by themselves. A recipe book is in–

cluded to give them the needed directions. Nine packages of

Frosting mixes give them a choice of icing for their cakes.

Also included are 2 cake pans, a loaf pan, 2 mixing bowls, 3

measuring spoons,


types of nozzles for decorator.



1215-Shipping weight 3 lbs. 14 oz.... . ..... $4.99

Make over 60 different treats,

even tasty pies and pizzas

131-piece Jr. Chef Food Mix Set

Our largest set, complete with


32 utensils and 36 candles

Look what your young chef can prepare with this set:

• 27 frosted cakes in many flavors

• 7 packages of cookies, both chocolate and vanilla

• 2 tempting apple pies

• 2 pizza pies with sauce and cheese

• Plus corn muffins, biscuits, puddings, pancakes with

maple syrup, brownies, even gingerbread men

Besides the mixes, there are cake pans, pie pan, bread pan,

cookie sheet, pizza pan, muffin pan, mixing bowl, pudding

bowl, measuring spoons, pancake grill and turner, cutters,

decorator and decorator nozzles. Plus a recipe book.



1217-Shipping weight 7 pounds ........... $9.88






.._ ·






Make 3 cakes,


other treats .. 33-piece Set includes 16 utensils

Frost your cakes with either the vanilla or chocolate frostings inciude<l.

And you can make fudge cookies, vanilla cookies, gingerbread, biscuits,

butterscotch pudding, brownies, corn muffins, apple pie, pancakes.

Utensils include square cake pan, 2 layer-cake pans, pie pan, muffin

pan, 2 cookie sheets, 6 assorted plastic cookie cutters, rolling pin, tea–

spoon and tablespoon. Plus recipe book.



1214-Shipping weight 2 pounds 3 ounces ............. $2.99