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Call the meeting to order in rugged vinyl

playhouse that is roomy enough for the

whole group. Colorfully decorated. Sturdy

rigid frame of lightweight steel tubing. 4x

4x5 ft. lllgh .. set up indoors or out. Un–


79 N 5016L-Shpg. wt. 11 lbs...... $8.99

Crawl-in Playhouse



Enjoy hours of fun and play in easy-to-store

house. 3 reinforced windows, double swing–

ing doors. Corrugated fiberboard. Snap-on

plastic straps for carrying. 30x40x45 in.

high. Unassembled. Instructions.

79 N 5018L-Shpg. wt. 10 lbs..... $3.88

Card table Playhouse



Make a house over any 30-inch square cad

table. Playhouse is

of brightly printed

cloth. Loads of fun, indoors or out. Side

flap lifts for easy entrance and ventilation.

Includes instructions for setting up .. folds

for convenient storing.

49 N 5019-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 8 oz.... $3.99

Set it up as playhouse, playpen or corral

Playtime Plastic Timber and Interlocking



make assembly


and storage a simple matter

Give youngsters endless projects to create with 7S–

piece set of assorted plastic timbers plus a plastic–

coated roof. Today a playhouse (inside measures

39x39x49 inches) .. tomorrow a corral to keep in pets

See milk


.. hear



Cry Baby Magic Bottle


Little mothers will delight in keep–

ing dolly happy and healthy. Crying

comes from bottle during feeding

and stops as bottle empties. Bottle

refills itself like magic. There's no

mess, no spilling. Made of non–

toxic plastic. About 6 inches long.

49 N 9201-Shpg. wt. 5 oz....69c

Watch it

"boil" ..

The Wonder


Sterilize dolly's bottle in new magic

action doll accessory. Just add water

. . watch it "boil." Stops when

bottles are "sterilized." No batter–

ies, no heat . . nothing to wind. 4

nursing bottles.



49 N 9206-Shpg. wt. 15 oz.$1.57

Feeding and Dydee


with Magic Bottle


Every little


will spend hours

feeding and grooming her dolly.

Warmer, dish, rattle, spoon, Pet

Milk Magic Bottle Jr., Gerber

Cereal box, Johnson and Johnson

items .. cotton, powder, soap; also

sponge, Diaper Pure, diaper


49 N 9210-Wt. 12 oz.. Set $1.44

or a fort to keep out Indians. Next day a picnic

table for outdoor cookouts. Color yellow. Freight

(rail or truck) or express.

79 N 5015N-Shipping weight 13 lbs...... $9.99

High Chair Set


Let dolly eat in her

own chair. Pink and

white enamel finish.

Steel .. break resistant,

sliding tray. Rattle,

warmer, bottle, mug,

dish, cereal box, spoon.

28 inches lllgh. Unas–

sembled. Wt. 3 lbs. 8 oz.

49 N9272 ... Set $2.87