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Three-piece Ac–

cessory Sets.

Rayon and ace–

tate. Four-in–

hand tie ready

tied, adjustable;

clip-on bow tie;

elasticized belt

to lit 20 to 24-

inch waist.



7814-Red and black

stri peel ties, red belt

29 N 7815-Blue and navy

striped ties, blue belt

29 N 7816-Brown, olive

striped ties, brown belt.

Shipping weight set 7 oz.

Set ................ $1.99


Three-piece Suit highlighted by blazer jacket. Jacket,

slacks, reversible vest, all styled in rayon and acetate

flannel. Rayon-lined jacket is finished with topstitched

collar and front; patch pockets; crest applique. Tailored

slacks-extended front waist, covered elastic-back waist,

front pockets, zip fly, cuffs. Vest is plaid on one side;

solid color on the other. Dry clean.

Slate size

3, 4,


6, 6x.



9462F-Red jacket and vest, gray slacks

29 N 9463F-Navy jacket and vest, gray slacks

29 N 9479F-Camel jacket and vest, brown slacks

Shipping weight suit 1 pound


ounces....... Suit $8.99

Blazer Jacket Alone.

Stale size

3, 4,


6, 6x.

29N9485F-Red 29N9483F-Navy 29N9464F-Camel

Shipping weight


ounces............ . ..... Each $4.84


Two-piece Slack Set features a knit acrylic jac-shirt.

Top-stitched collar with stays, a knit banded bottom

to match the collar. Never needs ironing. Slacks, tailored

in rayon and acetate flannel, are fortified with 15%

DuPont "420" nylon. Extended-front waist, elastic-back

waist, 2 front pockets, zip fly. Machine wash, medium.

State size

2, 3, 4,


6. 6x.

29N 6409F-Red, blue and gray striped shirt; gray slacks

29N6410F-Red, green and brown striped shirt with

brown slacks.

Shipping weight set 10 oz................... Set $4.99


Two-piece Slack Set stars a cotton corduroy jerkin.

Boxer slacks of rayon and acetate flannel-covered

heat-resistant elastic waist, 2 pockets, cuffs. Machine

wash, medium. Red jerkin, gray slacks. No shirt.

State s·ize

3, 4, 5, 6,


29 N 6903F-Shipping weight set 10 ounces.Set $3.99

Shirt, Tie and Cuff-link Set. Easy

care cotton broadcloth shirt.

Interlined collar has permanent

stays to keep its shape. Long

sleeves end in convertible cuffs.

Pearl-look buttons, chest pocket.

Machine wash, hot. White.

Stale size


3, 4, 5, 6, 6x.

Shipping weight set 4 ounces.

29 N 6229F ... . . . .. Set $1.97

Dress Shirl. Popular oxford cloth

of fine combed cotton, in a ba–

tiste weight that launders beau–

tifully. Interlined button-down

collar, long sleeves, one pocket.

Machine washable. medium.

Maximum fabric shrinkage I%.

State size

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6x.

Shipping weight each 4 oz.

29 N 6238F-Red tape stripe

29 N 6239F-Blue stripe

Each $1.97 ... . ... 2 for $3.88

Reversible Vest. One side is Or–

lon* acrylic and rayon in the

popular Prince Charlie plaid.

The other-solid color red cotto11

suede. Machine wash, warm.

State size

.3, 4. 5, 6, 6x.

29 N 9408F-Wt. 4 oz. .$1.99


easure to be sure.


size chart


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