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Knit Turtleneck Shirt of 2-ply combed cotton.

Long sleeves, rib knit neck and cuffs. Machine

wash, medium . . reshape while damp.

Cyana® finish for shrink control.

SizesS(2- 3); M(4--5) ;L(6-<ix).


S, M,L.

29 N 4958F-Red 29 N 4959F-White

29 N 4960F-Blue 29 N 4957F-Tan

Shpg. wt. each 4 oz. Each $1.37; 3 for $3,99

Knit Shirt in a blend of 50% Dacron* poly–

ester and 50% Orlon* acrylic. A truly lux–

urious fabric with the soft, rich feel of

cashmere. Won't shrink or stretch out of

fit, dries in a wink ; and we don't iron ours.

Superbly styled with interlined placket and

collar, collar stays, long sleeves, touch of em–

broidery. Machine wash, warm.


S(2- 3); M(4-5);



S, M, L.

29 N 4777F-Burgundy

29 N 4778F-Blue

29 N 4779F- Bone

Shipping weight


ounces . . ..... Each $2.59

Joe-Shirt in the finest combed cotton corduroy

we could find. Nicely styled with interlined,

button-down collar and cuffs, top center but–

ton. Straight bottom to wear in or out.

Tailored in Jamaica to Sears specifications.

Machine wash, med.

State size

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6x.

29 N 6357F-Pumpkin

29 N 6360F-Camel tan

29 N 6359F-Blue

29 N 6358F-Red

Shipping weight


ounces... .... Each $1.99

Good news for little boys. There's a laminated foam

interlining in our popular Cadet cardigan .. it goes

outdoors as both a jacket and a sweater. To keep out

winds and cold, we chose warm, light polyurethane

foam, had it bonded to extra bulky knit Orlon*

acrylic. We specified a lining of acetate tricot for

good tailoring .. a zipper and mitered bottom for

trim fit ..

laboratory tested easy care.

Machine wash,

medium temperature; machine dryable.

State size

3, 4, 5, 6, 6x.

29 N 3776F-Cadet blue

29 N 3777F-Heather gray

29 N 3778F-Jockey red

Shipping weight 11 ounces ........ . ..... Each $6.77

The "Tennis look"-the pullover sweater

that's a national favorite. The reasons? Orlon•

acrylic . . bulky knit . . knit-in novelty stitch

panels .. rib knit neck, cuffs and bottom. Ma–

chine washable, medium. White.

State size

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6x.

29 N 3752F-Shipping weight 7 oz . . .$3.99

The rich Subdued Pattern turns the fashion

spotlight on this extra bulky knit cardigan.

Sweater of softly brushed Orlon*


double knit collar. Machine washable, medium.

State size

3, 4, 5, 6, 6x.

29 N 3773F-Bone, camel, brown

29 N 3774F-Gray, white, blue

29 N 3775F-Red, white, gray

Shipping weight


ounces ....... Each $4.99

Cable Stitch Panels front and back, plus rag–

lan-action shoulders make the wonderful dif–

ference. Classic pullover sweater of Orlon•

acrylic; double knit collar. Machine wash,


State size

3, 4, S, 6, 6x.

29 N3769F-Red 29N3770F-Blue

29 N3771 F-Sand 29N3772 F-Heather gray

Shipping weight 7 ounces .......



•Registered DuPont Trademark