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Really iron clothes on adjustable JQ-in. ironing board in

pink and turquoise


and cover included) and big, 7-inch

chrome-plated electric iron. Endboard hamper, 6-foot

clothesline, plastic clothes-pins, apron. Store everything in

3)1-foot high simulated-wood cabinet with shelves.

79 N 1027C-Shipping weight 7 lbs........... Set $6.99

Indoor Clothes Dryer. Almost

20 feet of cotton clothesline

for plenty of drying area.

Sturdy metal and wood stand

25 inches high. Folds com–

pactly for easy storage.

You also get 6 wooden

clothespins. /

Shipping weight 2 pounds.

79 N 1058C.... . ..... $1.66

De luxe Electric Iron. Chrome–

plated metal base, hood.

Plastic handle. 7




49 N1038-Wt. llb.Joz.H.99

4-pc. Ironing Set. 22x30-inch

steel table with pad, cover ..

pink trim. About 6-inch

chrome-plated electric iron.

79Nl056C-Wt. 6 lbs.. $3.99

Ironing Table, pad, cover.

79Nl021C-Wt. 5 lbs.. $2.77

Ironing Table only.

79Nl002C-Wt. 5 lbs.. $1.99

Nan-electric Toy Iron. Metal

base, plastic handle 6)1 in.

long. Imitation cord, plug.

49 N 1039-Wt. 10 oz...88c





Electric irons on page ore UL ap–

proved for 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC

Compact copper-color Kitchen


complete with dishes,


and pans .

"Cook" something special in this all-in–

one metal and plastic kitchen set. Re–



two compartments . .

shelves with plastic food. Dishwasher

boasts agitator for make-believe washing.

There's even a strainer for "drying"

dishes on the sink. Cabinet space under

sink is most handy. Hood over range. Wall

oven has see-thru door. 23x5x11 inches.

79 N-1115C-Shpg. wt. 5 lbs.. . .. $3.88

All-metal Stove, Oven and.


Refrigerator .. doll-size

Lustrous enamel .finish in coppertone

and turquoise on heavy-gauge steel. Big

11-inch high stove features a "see-thru"

oven window and sliding shelves.

Sink fills with water from reservoir in

back . . faucet has shut-off knob. 15-in.

high refrigerator. Pots, pans included.

79 N 1094L-Shpg. wt. 9 lbs.. Set $5.99

42-pc. assorted Fruit



and Vegetable Set

Plastic fruit and vegetables let you set an

eye-appealing table .. sized to fit with

appliances above. From Hong Kong.

49 N 1116-Shpg.


8 oz.. . Set $1.33

Really wash doll's clothes with




Laundry Set featuring hand wringer-washer

Add soap and water, turn the crank and

let the agitator do all the scrubbing.

Adjustable. rubber roller wringer gets

clothes damp-dry. 12-inches high.

Washer is sturdy steel .. white with

turquoise trim. Hang clothes on re–

- volving dryer. 6 pins, woven basket.

49 N 1030-Wt. 2 lbs.10oz. Set $2.99