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Tall Musical Rocker

.. as charming as a

New England antique


to music in this gaily decorated

hardwood Boston rocker that is a full 28

inches high overall.

Richly attractive with multicolor decals,

gold color trim: Turned posts and legs,

contour arms. Extra comfort with tall

back. Smooth action with long runners.

Seat about 13x12 inches. Partly assem–


79 N 9144L-Black

79 N 9145L-White

79 N 9146L-Maple finish

Shipping weight 10 pounds...Each $9.99

Chair or Step Stool


Helps tot reach top of sink to brush his

teeth. Converts to chair for TV watching by

flipping up the lower step. Sturdy, brightly

decorated wood with Mickey Mouse em–

blem. 16xl3x8 inches. Unassembled.

49 N 9027-Shpg. wt. 4 lbs........ $2.99




Wing-back Rocker



Colonial-style hardwood rocker

in warm maple finish. Plastic

foam padded seat and back; up–

holstered in gay red and green cot–

ton on white background. 26 inches

high overall. Seat



Partly assembled.

79 N 9075L-Wt. 11 lbs.... $9.99




Walnut-finish hardwood frame.

Neatly welted vinyl upholstery.

Plastic foam and cotton felt pad–

ding. 22 inches high. Seat 17xl5 in.

Partly assembled.

Shipping weight 17 poullds.

79 N 9076L-Turquoise.. .$10.79

79 N 9077L-Persimmon .. 10.79

Wing-back Chairs

Early American styling. All


ern hardwood frames with sagless

seats and backs padded with cellu–

lose fibers. Covered with washable

colonial-print plastic. Hand-sanded

maple finish. Partly assembled.


American Provincial-style Ann- ·

chair. Useful companion piece to

matching platform rocker. About

20xl8x27 inches high. Seat about

14x15 in., 11


in. from floor.

79 N 9078L-Wt. 18 lbs. .. $12.89


American Provincial-style Rock-

er.Heavy-duty coil rocker spring

in base for extra strength. 27 inches

high. Seat about 14x15 in. wide; 11

inches from the floor.

79 N 9031L-Wt. 18 lbs... $13.79

Early American





All Hardwood


Solidly built with rich-looking

Bradford maple finish. Well

fitted joints join so tightly no

glue or nails are used. Shaped

seat 12xl2 in., 10 in. from floor.

23 in. high. Freight (rail or

truck) or express. Assembled.

Early American style. Careful

detailing enhances this sturdy

Northern hardwood rocker, ideal

for a small child. Finished in

American maple. 21 in. high

overall Seat is 14x12 in., 12 in.

from floor. Partly assembled.

Shipping weight 10 pounds.

79 N 9010L. .... . ...... $7.79

Musical mechanism plays as

chair rocks. Gold-color trim. 26

in. high overall. 12x12-in. seat.

Hardwood. Unassembled.

Black enameled finish.

79 N 9147L-Wt. _10 lbs. $6.99

Natural finish.

79 N 9109L-Wt.10lbs. 6.99

Portable "Kiddie Kot


Strong lightweight aluminum cot is easy to carry

or store in small area. 26x24 in. wide, folded.

Opens into 52-in. long cot. Perfect for isolating

sick child from others. Tubular head and foot

rails hold spring-supported frame. Foam plastic



in. thick. Vinyl cover. Ages 2 to 6.

79 N 9045L-Shipping weight 11 lbs.... $12.99

Shipping weight 10 pounds.

79 N 9029N ........... $4.99