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Sears Electric Organ







See how easily children learn to play tango, waltz, rhumba and other rhythms–

without lessons. The secret's a pre-set arrangement of 18 buttons for left hand

.. 6 bass tones for rhythm; 6 major and 6 minor chords for accompaniment.

Right hand plays the melody. "Number Selector" method: organ keys match

number strip of sheet music. Loud-soft volume control slide bar, stainless steel

reeds. Feather touch, finger-tip action. 3 full octaves .. 37 treble keys, 18 bass

buttons. Cabinet of mar-resistant vinyl in two-tone walnut grain .. sealed

onto wood veneer for long


4 steel legs. About 24x!Ox30 inches high. Music

book of 22 melodies included. Bench not included, order below.

79 N 604l-Shipping weight 18 pounds... . ....................... $48.88

Five Extra Music Books. "Number Selector" method. For organ 79 N 604L above

and organs 79 N 603L and 79 N 602C on facing page.

49 N 616-Shipping weight set 8 ounces......................... Set $3.49

Organ Bench. Padded vinyl seat, steel legs. About 14 in. high.

79 N 619C-Shipping weight 8 pounds........... .. ...... ..... . ..... 7.99






Get a richer, more resonant tone

from this Electric Chord Organ

because the cabinet is walnut veneer

Full 3-octave keyboard .. 37 standard-size black and white keys.

18-button chord player with major and minor chords. Rhythm

bass to deepen chords and provide rhythm accompaniment. Easy–

to-play "Key Selector" method uses real notes for playing music

more easily-without lessons. Smart-lookingwalnut veneer cabinet.

Music book of 45 favorites. About 15x31x32 in. high. Bench sold

separately at left. Shipped freight (rail, truck) or express.

79 N 567N_-Shipping weight 43 pounds ............... $74.99

Consolette Electric Chord Organ

See how quickly you can learn to play this full-toned electric organ!

With "Key Selector" method you play real music .. no lessons

needed. Full 3-octave keyboard with 37 black and white standard–

size keys. Major and minor chords at finger-touch. Rhythm bass

deepens chords, provides rhythm accompaniments. Decorator

cabinet of walnut veneer .. 4 brass-finished legs. Music book with

45 selections. Order bench separately at left. About 12x31x34 inches


79 N 565L-Shipping


35 pounds................ $64.99

3 "Key Selector" Music Books. Fororgans 79N565Land 79N567N.

49 N 593-Shipping weight set 1 pound .............. Set $3.89