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What a combination .. Electric Phonograph

with 4 speeds, volume control and

electronic amplifier at a low, low price

Versatile performer? You bet. Plays records at all speeds, picks up

tones from rumbling bass to faint treble and does it with ear-pleasing

tonal clarity. Dial-0-Matic speed selector lets you liHen to 16, 33Ya.

45 and 78 RPM discs up to 12 inches. "'Whisper-quiet" motor, high–

gain crystal pickup and 1>crmanent-type needle. Wide-range volume

control. Scuff-resistant case. Eight 45 RPM records.

49 N 659C-Shipping weight 8 pounds. . . .. . . . ..... ..... . . $16.99

Phono with tw1:11, detachable



fills the room with your favonte music

Fully transislori7.ecl for a pure tone and wide sound range. Enjoy the

rich. full sound you like best by adjusting lone and volume control.


speed selector. Plays all records up lo 12 inches in diam–

eter, all speeds. flip cartridge, dual synthetic sapphire needle. '"Whis–

per-quiet" motor cuts down on all tl1e sounds except the ones you

want to hear. Pyroxylin-coated case. Six 45 RPM records.

49 N 655C-Shipping weight 13 pounds......... .......... $24.99

Mickey Mouse Electric

Acoustical Portable

Seu ff-resistant case

coated with pyroxylin.

Plays 78 RPM records

up to 12 in. Loud and

soft needles for volume

control. Integral tone

chamber for clear sound.

Tone arm locks into cup.

You also get I0 records

and a 24-place record

rack. l lxl lx6 inches.



7 lbs.

49 N 651. ...... $9.99

Here's the Phonograph that lasts and lasts ..

never needs tube replacement .. produces a

true-to-life, pure tone .. all because it's



Electronically Amplified 4-Speed Phonograph

Tiny transistors increase


range, add tonal cl'.lrity and cut down

bothersome distortion. You'll like the up-to-date cab111et styling.

Open the case and phonograph drops down to a playing position. Set

the speed at 16, 33J.11, 45 or 78 RPM with Dial-0-Matic se_lcctor.


volume dial. Super-silent motor lets you hear every beautiful sound.

Includes 6 delightful 45-RPM records. Pyroxylin-coated scuff-resistant

case. Size about 13xl2x6 inches high.

49 N 658C-Shipping weight 9 pounds. .. . . .. ....... .... ..... $19.99


Record players on this page arc UL approved for 110-120-volt,

60-cycle AC.

2-speed Electric

Acoustical Portable

Plays all 45 and 78

RPM records up to 12

in. Turntable has pop–

up adapter disc for your

4S's . Dial-0-Matic

speed selector. Loud

and soft needles con–

trol sound. Five45 and

78 RPM records and a

24-place record rack.

About 13xl lx6 inches.



7 lbs. 8 oz.

49 N 652 .... $1L99