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Build and move furniture,

design room settings

to suit your own taste




Just for play, or for budding architects

and decorators .. hundreds of combinations

limited only by your imagination

Simply move wall panels to enlarge a room, put

cushions on benches or in chairs, combine chair

base with table top to have a coffee table .. it's

all up to you. Furniture is accurately scaled,

beautifully styled. Included are floors, paintings,

sculpture, lamps, even towels for the bathroom

.. all in House and Garden coordinated colors.

Every homemaker, be she six or sixty, will enjoy

letting her imagination run free to create her

dream rooms. A gift to delight the entire family.





This happy family is

designed to Jive in the

beautiful rooms on this

and facing page. Moth–

er, father,brother, sister

and dog are in correct

scale for rooms and


tic.FromBritish Crown

Colony of Hong Kong.

Shipping wt. 3 oz.

49N1476 .

Box $1.33