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**Penneys Guarantee

Penneys guarantees, to the original owner, the honeycomb bed

of this pool table to be free of defects in materials and work–

manship (under normal playing conditions) for a period of 5

years from the date of purchase. Should the bed prove to be

defective under the above conditions, return the entire pool

table to your nearest Penneys Catalog Desk (Penneys will

refund all shipping charges) for replacement or repair.


"professional" 8-foot pool table

• Wrench-adjusted leg levelers • Lively molded

rubber cushions • Single-end ball return


wool felt covering • Wedge-type bolted fe

• Plus a full complement of extras (shown at right)

FOREMOST PRO-STYLE TABLE. Steel-reinforced honeycomb ma

terial bed. Bed and wedge-type gum-rubber cushions are covered with

wool felt. Single-end return. Wide top rail is a handsome wood-grained

plastic laminate with inlaid diamond-shaped markers and chromed

trim. Mahogany-tone vinyl-covered body and legs. Adj. leg levelers.

With 4 cues, set of 2 -.c\·in. Belgian balls, triangle, shake bottle with

peas, cue repair


under-rail brush 6-3fick cue rack, bridge, ball

rack, rules. No down payment. Overall dimensions: 84x48x31 in. high.

Shipping carton dimensions: IO!x57x31 \/2 in. high.

X 911·5866 A-Green top table. Shpg. wt. 355 lbs.*.....


7-ft. Pool Table

Micromatic® bed leveling

insures the accuracy of your game


or $5 monthly–

see page 209

7·FT. POOL TABLE. Solid-=re %·in.·thick Versaboard®

bed. Micromotic@ bed levelers under the playing surface.

Green-cotton cloth covers surface. Cushions of pure gum

rubber. 23A,-in.-wide rail with metal trim. Walnut-wood–

grained Durapanel sides laminated to Douglas fir ply–

wood. Apron depth-6'% x '% in. thick. Double·paneled.

hinged legs fold for


leg levelers.

Double-end ball return. Set of 21/g-in. striped balls, two 48·

in. cues, triangle, cue tip booklet, chalk, instructions.

Overall dimensions: 84'li.\x45%x31 in. high. Shipping

carton dimensions: 873,ijx48%x9% in. high.

X 911-5908 A-Shipping weight 151 lbs.*.


*Not mailable-pay shipping on delivery

Quality built professional-style pool table

with 2-in. honeycomb bed-GUARANTEED** for 5 years

plus a valuable assortment of the


Quality Pool Table

• %-in.·thick Plyblend® bed

•Adjustable bed levelers

•Steel single-end ball return

•All-wool felt covering



or $9 monthly

-see page 209

most needed pool accessories

all for only



Heavy-gauge steel frame and leg frames for maximum stability


Plyblend wood composition bed. Profile rub·

ber cushions and beveled pocket liners.

Finger-tip scoring counter. Walnut-finished

formica top rail. Teak-finish side rails. Alu–

minum corners, 16-ga. steel pedestals. Two

52-in. cues, set of 21,ii in. balls, triangle,

bridge, chalk, rules. 88 x 44-in. playing sur-

face; 96 x 52 x 31 1n. high. Shpg. carton.

99 x 56 x 111/.i in. high.

X 911-5882 A-Wt. 268 lbs.*.


Similar, but 84x46x3 l in. high. Shpg. carton:



l,ii in.

X 911-5890 A- Wt. 250 lbs.*.