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The music goes

Plush .


Animated .



Your choice of the cutest pets around




MUSICAL PLU S H TOYS . Wind them up-they

~ ~

move, and make music from a built-in Swiss music

box. Rayon plush filled with cotton and polyurethane foam-so

nice to cuddle. They're a ll so much fun; order a few and start

your own zoo.





Afghan Dog;

[02] Mouse; [03] Dinosaur; [04]Collie Dog; [05] Flipper; [06] Turtle

when ordering. Use

catalog number below.

X 921 -9783 B-Shipping weight I lb. 2 oz..

. .Each

3 .98

[01 ] Animated Mu s ica l Afg han Dog_ White rayon plush.

Top of head, ears, and tail trimmed with shaggy white acrylic

pile. Eyes and nose are black felt. Afghan dog wears satin ribbon


around neck, and small


on top of head. Swiss music box

plays, dog's head moves round and round. 12 in. high.

[02] Animated Musical Mou se. Mouse's head moves round

and round as the built-in Swiss music box plays a pretty tune.

Gray rayon plush


white plush front. Ears and bottoms of

feet are lined with colorful pin-dot percale. White felt and black

plastic locked-in eyes. Rayon satin ribbon bow around neck.

12 in. high.

[0 3] Animated Mu s ica l Dinosa ur. Pink rayon plush. Lace

trim from the top of her head lo the middle of her tail. Marabou

trim on top of head. Holds a daisy in her mouth, and wears

rayon satin ribbon bow around her neck. Felt eyes and mouth.

Head moves round and round as Swiss music box plays. 14xl 1

in. high.

[04] Animated Musica l Colli e Dog. Brown and white rayon

plush. Snout is vinyl with red mouth painted in. Collie wears a

rayon satin ribbon bow around his neck. When the built-in Swiss

music box plays its perky tune. the Collie dog's head moves

round and round. l 2x8 in. high.

[05 ] Animated Mu sica l Flipper. Your own huggable copy of

the famous dolphin, Flipper. Made of blue rayon plush with

white plush on bottom. Big black and white felt and plastic locked–

in eyes. Wind Flipper up, a nd he moves his mouth round and

round to the merry tune from the Swiss music box within. 16 in.


[06] Anim a t e d Mu s ica l Turtle. Turtle's shell is blue rayon

plush; and his head and feet are contrasting color. Shell is

trimmed with colorful artificial flowers. Big eyes are blue and

black felt. Lace trims the bottom of the turtle's shell. Built-in

Swiss music OOx plays, turtle's head moves round and round.

11x7 in. hiqh.

Musical babies soft enough to hug


MUSICAL SLEEPYHEAD DOLL. Rayon plush body. Yarn


curls. Hand-painted vinyl face. Music box. 14 in. long.

X 921-2200 A-Shipping weight I lb. .......

3 .98

Same as above, but without music box. 14 in. long.

X 921-9775 A-Shipping weight I lb..... .



MUSICAL KEWPIE DOLL. Rayon plush body. Yarn curls.


Washable hand-painted vinyl face. Music box. 15 in. high.

X 921-9643 A-Shipping weight I lb. 8 oz..


Same as above, but without music box. 15 in. high.

X 9 21-9650 A-Shipping weight 1 lb. 8 oz..... . ......



ROLY POLY DOLL. Built-in musical chimes. Body of soft,


rayon plush. Lace-trimmed rayon-satin ruffle around neck.

Washable vinyl hand-painted face. Yarn curls. 12Y2-in. high .

X 921-9668 A-Shipping weight I lb...



MUSICAL SUZIE DOLL. SUZIE doll moves while Swiss


music box plays. Rayon plush body. Vinyl face. 11



X 921-9676 A-Shipping weight I lb.... . .. .. . . .. . ..


Colorful Ride-ons


RI DE-ON HORSE. Quality red rayon plush. Cotton felt


saddle, cord reins. Steel welded frame, polyethylene wheels.

Locked in eyes. Holds up to 100 lbs. 22 in. high.

X 921-9684 A-Shipping weight 6 lbs. 8 oz.* ... . . . .. .

8 .99


TV HORSE. A TV-watching companion. Horse is made


of printed cotton flannel and white rayon plush. Filled with

Tufflex® fiberfill. Has fringe mane and tail. Black felt and white

plastic lock-in eyes. Plastic molded saddle. Plastic reins. 29 in.

long. 19 in. high.

X 921-9692 A-Shipping weight 5 lbs.* . . . .

. ....

3 .99


PINTO RIDING HORSE. Beige/Brown rayon plush body.


Plastic wheels on wood base. Vinyl head. Plastic reins, 18-in.


X 921-2564 A-Shipping weight 8 lbs. 4 oz.* .

. . . .



RIDE-ON DONKEY.Gray rayonplushbody.Plasticwheels


on wood base. Plastic reins with jingle bells. 22 in. high.

X 921-2572 A-Shipping weight 7 lbs. 4 oz. . . ...


*Semi-mailable-see page 206.