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Your Choice


Fort Cheyenne! Cowboys and I ndians,

soldiers and horses-wagons, cannons–

all the makings of Wild West adventures!


FORT CHEYENNE. Over 270 pieces. 2 metal lithographed


buildings, plastic stockades, gateway, platform, flags, wagons,

cannons and shells, Indians, cowboys, soldiers, horses.

X 9 2 4·7545 A-Shipping weight S lbs. 4 oz.......... . . .

8 .88

Similar to above, but smaller, with approximately 120 pieces.

X 9 2 4- 7552 A-Shipping weight 3 lbs. 10 oz.. . .........


YOU run your own farm!

Livestock, barn, silo, equipment–

fun for hours on end!


FARM SET. Over 240 pieces-all you need for doing any


number of farm chores. Metal lithographed base is 13%xl0\'2

in., holds a variety of metal lithographed structures with plastic

rools-<>pen-back barn with two-story hay loft; 2 silos; chicken coop.

Plastic vegetable garden has many different crops. Other plastic

pieces include a large assortmEtnt of animals and farm hands,

tools, mechanical equipment, fence sections.

X 924-7461 A-Shipping weight 6 lbs. 8 oz.. ...........


Similar to above, but smaller, with 131 pieces.

X 924-747 9 A-Shipping weight 4 lbs. 8 oz.............

4 .88

You ARE "one of A merica's best"!

Special Forces turn the tide of the battle-–

nothing stops the men of the jungle force!


S P EC IAL FORCES SET. Over 323 pieces. Two opposing


armies, one in olive drab," one in gray, with soldiers in many

fighting positions.


detailed military vehicles, equipment,.

weapons, including pontoon bridge, mountain, foxholes.

X 924·7560 A_:_Shipping weight 6 lbs.......... . . . ....

8 .88

Similar to above, but smaller, with approximately 100 pieces.

X 924-7578 A-Shipping weight 3 lbs. 9 oz...... . . . ....


Fun, action, excitement

for all youngsters