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A 817-495 HORSE AND



. 10.75

Press Dobbin's back and he goes through

his paces, walking on jointed legs. His

neck is jointed too-he can move his

head sideways or up, down when you tug

the reins. And he can be watered, blank·

eted, bridled, saddled and unsaddled. 7¥2" high, 9" long. Bushy mane and tail.


eludes saddle, bridle, blanket, and metal feed bucket. Ship. wt. 3 lbs.

B 840-091 HORSE FARM

(Import) .................•......


A fine, completely equipped Horse Farm-roomy, colorfully decorated stable of wood

with five stalls has grooming 'area with trough and hinged and sliding doors on 27"

x 40%" decorated hardboard base. Three spacious corrals adjoin stable, wil}i movable

fence sections, large tree and 13 detailed plastic horses and colts in varied colors

and postures. Three stablemen clean up while 4%" metal tractor and 7" Jeep with

removable top await action call. Stable, 614" x 19%" x 8" high, has white stucco

finish with red roof. Ship. wt. 16 lbs. Express.




All-wood stable on 22" x 30" base has partitions separating stall with hay crib

and feed trough, storage room with window and hinged feed box, and equipment

room with tack-horse. Includes removable saddle, bridle, saddle blanket, and red

and white checked cotton horse blanket, metal feed bucket, shovel, mop, wiping

down brush, curry brush. Stable and barn red and white has wood grained roof 21"

high and rust colored floor. Well·muscled 15" ,tall horse with natural texture coat

and real mane and tail (Hunting Horses: see P. 131). Ship wt. 30 lbs. Express.

D 810-103 NOAH'S ARK

(Import) ......................




(2 yrs. up)-The story of Noah has always captivated mankind, and this

segment of Biblical history is particularly fascinating to the vivid imagina–

tion of a growing child. All the drama of Noah'.s adventure is brought

to thrilling life with this 24" wood ark, colorfully finished, and fitted with


concealed rubber wheels. Fifteen pairs of unbreakable, handsomely detailed

rubber animals ride safely with wise old Noah ar.d his wife. Includes board-

ing gangplank and two concealed pull-cord animal voices to add to play ' '; •

appeal. Ship. wt. 12 lbs.


(Import) ..............



Perched in a comfortable bucket seat, the driver of this fine rig guides his

prancing pony by the reins. The easy-operating chain drive keeps the pony

from tiring while pulling the handsome chrome sulky of tubular metal. The

spoked wheels have white rubber tires, and the bicycle-type pedals have

ball-bearings. The appealing pinto pony, 30" high, is covered with real

kid goatskin and his flying mane is of fine combed lamb's wool. 60" long

overall. Ship wt. 45 lbs. Express only.


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(Exclusive)-Youngsters have the thrill of working behind

an ice cream counter serving sundaes, sodas and other de·

licious concoctions. With plates, 14-piece plastic knife, fork

and spoon set, soda glasses, metal scoop, flavoring, napkins

and a battery-operated mixer. Wood fountain is red and

white with chrome trim. 36" counter with 3 stools. 41" deep.

Batteries for mixer included. Ship. wt. 45 lbs. Express.