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A 860-075 PUPPET SHOW (Import) ......... 32.75

(8 yrs. up)-Nine handsome puppets, with beautifully molded

vinyl heads and painted expressive features for successful shows.

Theatre, of wood, is 23" x 111h" x 39", has draw curtain, and

colorfully imprinted cloth backdrop. Ship. wt. 16 lbs. Express.


An ideal book for puppeteers. By.Vernon Howard.


860-079 PUPPET THEATRE (Import) . . . •.. 58.50

(8 yrs. up)-Draw curtain opens on three-sided puppet theatre to

reveal ten colorful 11" imported puppet figures as performers

against cloth backdrop with interior scene. The beautifully

dressed figures have hand-painted vinyl heads of excellent quality

and rooted hair. Theatre is made of sturdy wood, beautifully

decorated, 32" x 14" x 46" high, with performance time clock.

Ship. wt. 25 lbs. Express.

F 810-211 DARTBOARD CABINET (Import) ... 19.75

(8 yrs. up)-What fun! Holds a double-faced, cork surfaced 16"

game board, with 20 point English dart game on one side, 13 brass

"ring toss" hooks on the other. Cabinet is of sturdy wood, has

wide magnetic lock double doors 24%," x 18%," x 3". Includes 6

brass darts, and rubber rings, chalk, scoring slate, directions.

Ship. wt. 13 lbs.

G 810-045 CLOWN BEAN BAG BOARD (Import) 9.95

(5 yrs. up)-The time-tested ever popular bean bag game. Lo–

cated in various places on this colorful 18" x 26%," hardboard

frame are six numbered holes with netted backs into which the

six bean bags are to be tossed for score. Hinged wood easel per–

mits ·board to stand on floor or table. Ship. wt. 8 lbs.

D 810-005 MUSICAL


(lmport)-A beautifully finished,

sturdy all-wood Shoofly with

horse's head and tinkling Swiss

music box to keep a little tot safe

and happy. Has 33" hardwood

runners. Ship.



lbs. Express.

E 811-041 CANDY CANE



3 lbs. . . 4.25

Delightful little wagon for tots, deco–

rated with candy canes. Just right for

the little ones to pull around their be–



long and 7%," wide, it rolls

on four red wooden wheels. Has sturdy


H 810-206 POLLY SHOOT Ship. wt. 6 lbs. .... . ....... . ....... 7.50

(All ages)-A novel shooting game using four inflated 20" parrots as targets. A good

shot from the plastic pistol can knock the plastic birds from their wooden perch; a

glancing blow will not. Uses rubber-tipped darts (included) . Perch stands 36" high.


860-014 TODDLER GYM Ship. wt. 29 lbs. Express.. • .......... 29.75


to 4 yrs.)-Beneficial to growing bodies, this gym encourages and assists the

small child to become more active. Solidly built of hardwood, except 36" long slide

which is plywood painted red. All parts finished smooth and clean. Steps lead to

platform 19" above floor. Corner posts 36" high. No metal parts to wear.

K 822-249 NESTED WAGON SET (Import) Ship. wt. 7 lbs. . . . . . . 8.95

A set of thre\l rugged and colorful all-wood wagons with bright yellow wooden wheels,

8", 11" and 13%," in length, which will hook together as a train to be pulled by

strong pull-cord attached. At


end, roomy wagons stack neatly inside one an–

other for easy storage. Sides enamelled in blue, red and green, with ivory interiors.

L 840-006 MAGNETIC BALL-FLIP (Import) ............. . .... 15.00

An exciting new game for 2, 3 or 4 players. The aim of the game is to capture the

opponent's magnetic balls. The action of the balls is at times mysterious and perplex–

ing for they attract and repel each other, fall into magnetic traps and are captured

by enemy "outposts." Balls are flipped in turn from each end of the 35" x 20" sturdy

molded plastic board. A good shot can snatch an opponent's ball from an apparently

safe place, but there's enough luck involved so that all ages can compete. Once started

hard to stop. Express


Ship. wt. 8 lbs.


See pages 153 and 154 for ORDER FORMS and SHIPPING CHART. Page 4 for INDEX.