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because of the down-to-earth prices and

integrity of quality that true value is made of

Our lowest price this year

for a lace-trimmed

Nylon Tricot Peignoir Set




Lovely lace lends a look of elegance that complements acetate satin

yoke. The sturdy Ban-Lon® lace is ecru color for aqua and cherry sets,

black for black. Peignoir is filmy sheer nylon


.. bas %-length

sleeves. Sleeveless gown is opaque tricot with sheer overlay . . bas wide

shoulder straps. Machine wash, medium temperature.

Bust sizes 32-34; 36; 38-40.

Pkase slate size.

38 N 28951F-Aqua

38 N 28952F-Black

38 N 28953F-Cherry

Shipping weight 12 ounces........ . .................... Set $8.88

Larger bust sizes 42-44; 46-48; 50-52 in aqua only.

Please slate size.

38 N 28971F-Shipping weight 14 ounces.................. Set $9.88

Seldom will you see such outstanding

quality in a Nylon Tricot Coat and

Pajama Set at this low price


Satin, satin everywhere . . even as unique tabs that cover

pajama buttons. Matching 1-inch nylon satin bands on collars,

pockets, sleeves . . and across yoke of coat. Coat has shirred

front for flattering drape and comfortable fullness; %-length

sleeves; covered buttons and a snap, too, at collar for extra

neatness; pocket. V-neck pajama bas short sleeves; pocket;

covered-elastic-waist trouser that's specially constructed for

wonderful fit. Machine washable at warm temperature.

State b11sl size

32, 34, 36, 38, 40.

38 N 17871F-Blue aqua

38 N 17872F-Pink

Shipping weight 15 ounces... . .. . .... ....... . .. ... Set


'7-:hese are

t h e first of 46 pages devoted exclusively to Nightwear and Loungewear


for t he entire family .


items specially selected for the season and

brought together


this one section for your shopping conven ience