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3 great wide-eyed looks ..

with "tiger-stripe" plastic

frame, tinted plastic lenses.

The round shape has blue

lenses; octagonal shape has

brown lenses; aviator shape

has gray lenses. Gift-boxed.

Imported from France.

Shipping weight 12 ounces.

4 N 8200... ... .... . ...



Shiny coat with scarf. Coat is slick, pliant,

crushable, rain-resistant polyurethane coated

cotton; quilt lining of acetate with batting of

reused wool and other fibers. About 33 inches.


clean. Bulky-knit acrylic scarf (hand wash–

able) is boldy striped and tasseled.

Misses' sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18.

State siu.

N17 N 7700F-Sand; brown-and-beige scarf

N17 N 7701F-Navy; navy-and-red scarf

N17 N 7702F-Red; red-and-navy scarf

Shipping weight 2 pounds 15 oz....... .. .. $29.90


Lush, supple thick-and-thin wide-waled cot-

ton corduroy coat trimmed with glossy poly–

urethane-coated cotton, bonded to polyurethane

foam for shape-keeping. Pile lined with cotton–

backed Acrilan® acrylic. Quilted acetate sleeve

lining. About 33 inches. Dry clean.

Misses' sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18.

State siu.

N17 N 7125F-Gold with brown

N17 N·7126F-Bone with black

N17 N 7127F-Brown with brown

Shipping weight 3 pounds 7 oz.. . . . . .... . . $29.90


Shaggy pile wrap-coat edged and belted with

smooth polyurethane-coated cotton. Whenever

you want, the shawl collar becomes a hood. Side

seam pockets. Pile fabric is biconstituent fiber

(vinyon and vinyl) and modacrylic (cotton-backed).

Acetate taffeta lining. About 33 inches long.


clean. Like everything else in Sears books, it's

so easy to order by telephone.

Misses' sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18.

St.ate siu.

N17 N 6047F - White

N17 N 6048F -Gray

Shipping weight 4 pounds 7 oz. . .......... $44.90


If in doubt, see Big Book.


hortcoats are geared for warmth