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Invest in a vest .. for lots of

fashion mileage. Knit of Wintuk

yarn of Orlon* acrylic in an all–

over pattern, it's finished with

fringe all around. Front and back

U-neckline. Machine wash, warm;

tumble-dry. Sweater shown is sold

on opposite page, pants on page 127.

Sizes S(34l; M(36-38J; L(40l.

V7 N

9439F-Bright red

V7 N

9440F - Oyster white


S, Mor L. Shpg. wt. 12 oz. . $9.00

*Reg. DuPont



on a

fringe binge

. .

in a

knitted vest

. .

tn a

knitted poncho


such eiu:eptional worlrrnonshlp,

this Poncho w cu ulecte d cu a fe ature

of our special opening section


page 9


Poncho power .. this one really has it. It's a go-with-

all cream-eolor hand-knit wool that's richly patterned

and deeply fringed all around. Toss it on (via a V-neck open–

ing) over your pants and skirts, over everything .. the look

is merely terrific.


clean. No guessing about the right

size .. one size fits all. Imported from Italy. Pants shown

are sold on page 127, hat on page 106.

V7 N

9442-Shipping weight 15 ounces.. . . . ...... . . . $10.00