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110-120-11. AC.

AcceSSOl'JI light u•u



"AA" batteries





700X Astronomical Tracking Scope

provides exacting color definition even

lor stars ol the lltb magnitude

3%-in. diameter objective lens gathers 165 times more light than the human eye.

Five oculars (SR 4mm, HM 6mm, HM 9mm, HM 12.5mm and K 22mm) on revolving

turret provide 64X, 112X, 155X, 233X and 350X. In addition, 2X Barlow lens is

included to double magnification up to 700X. Resolving power is 1.3 seconds.

Focal length is 1400mm. Electric motorized clock-drive constantly tracks

target. Identifying stars is easier with 5X 25mm viewfinder


25x44 mm

guide scope. Rack and pinion focusing on guide scope and telescope.

Telescope is 58 in. long. Adjustable 5-ft. wood tripod has lighted

accessory tray. Equatorial mount has 3 setting circles (azimuth,

hour and declination) and flexible slow-motion control. Also in–

cludes vari-power Zoom Eyepiece for terrestial

use, camera adapter, erecting prism, sun and

moon filters, sun projection screen, astro–

:qomy book and instructions.

F4 N 6346N__:,,Shipping weight 97 pounds.