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Tote Bag Kit. Do-it-yourself .. carry it every-

where with pride. A delight to make .. just

overcast viscose rayon with needle on perforated

plastic forms, sew them together, then sew on the

handles. Includes navy and white straw-look vis–

cose rayon, plastic forms, a pair of brown wood

handles with gold-color metal trim, needle and

instructions. 10x12 inches wide.

25 N5050-Shipping weight l pound . . .... $5. 98

( 8 and C ) Sepa rates to Crochet in yarn of

Orlon• acrylic .. machine wash, warm, and tumble–

dry. Use crochet hooks size I and K (hooks not

included). Instructions are included. ·


Pullover. Kit includes yarn to make pullover

in sizes to fit busts 31 to 39 inches .. or the

poncho and cap in a size that fits all.



color number

4-sopphire blue


25 N5257H-Shipping weight I pound . . . .. $3.98


Pants. Kit includes yarn to make flare-leg

pants (shown) or straight-leg pants. Either

can be made in sizes to fit hips 32 to 40 inches.


Please state color number

4-sopphire blue


25 N5258H-Shipping weight 1 lb.


oz.. . . $7.98

•Reg. DuPont T.M.





( D thru H ) LOOK AT THIS: Our lowest price ever for any

ready-to-sew doll kit. Friendly characters youngsters will love

to cuddle or use to brighten up a room. Truly creative and such

fun to make. Each kit includes pattern stamped on felt of wool

and rayon, Sayelle® yarn of Orlon* acrylic, 2 sewing needles. I

yarn needle (not included in· Benny Bear kit),


pack of

glue and instructions. Stuffing not included.


Elma Egg. Pattern stamped on white felt of wool and rayon.

Contrast trim. 12 inches in diameter, 12 inches high.

25 N 5170--Shipping weight 8 ounces ...... . ... .......



Orville Octopus. Pattern stamped on green felt of wool and

rayon. Contrast trim. 12-in. diameter; 13-in. tentacles.

25 N51704-Shipping weight 8 ounces................



Lonny Lion. Pattern stamped on orange felt of wool and rayon.

Contrast trim. 15 inches J;iigh.

25 N51702-Shipping weight 8 ounces .... . ...... .. ...



Benny Bear. Pattern stamped on gold felt of wool and rayon.

Contrast trim. 15 inches high.

25 N51701-Shipping weight 8 ounces ... . . ... ... . ....



Ollie Owl. Pattern stamped on orange felt of wool and rayon.

Contrast trim. 13 inches high.

25 N 51703-Shipping weight 8 ounces ... ... . • . , ......



Wildflower Wool


it. Make

white and yellow flowers on loom

(included), then crochet together (use

size 0 hook)° with green yarn. Moth–

proofed. Hand washable. Size, 48x62

inches . . afghan should be blocked to

finished size stated. Crochet hook not

included. Instructions are included.

Shipping weight 2 pounds 12 ounces.

25 N5249 .. ...... . .......... $i7.98


"Scandia" Pillow Cover to Em-

broider. Charming pattern

stamped on a sturdy textured rayon

fabric in orange color. Kit also in–

cludes embroidery needle, multicolor

wool crewel yarn, zipper for opening

and complete instructions. Pillow form

not included. Measures 16 inches

square. Dry clean. Buy it the easy way

-order by phone.

25 N 51834- Shpg. wt. 6 oz.... .$5.98

Just call Sears

and say "Charge it"

. .

see page 263