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The 4



features a zippy

4-HP, 4-cycle

engine; dazzling


fenders; U.S.

Forest Service

approved muffler



Ready and rarin' to do its

thing on all types of off–

road jaunts! Perfect com–

panion for finding out-of–

the-way fishing spots or

escapes into the wilderness.

Four-HP, four-cycle en–

gine, mounted on rugged

tubular steel frame, takes

you where the action is.

Rear shocks, vinyl-covered

foam rubber seat provide

cloud-soft ride . . chrome–

plated fenders add rust–

resistant sparkle.

Rewind starter, twist–

grip throttle, centrifugal

clutch, chain drive and

U.S . Forest Service-ap–

proved muffier for in-woods

cycling. Scrubber and hand

brakes, fixed footrest s.

Knobby tread 4:10/3.50x6

tubeless pneumatic rubber

tires front and rear; 48 in.



in. high.


Note below.

Shipping weight 71 lbs.

28 N80715N .. . .. . $169.95

NOTE: Not for racing or

use on streets or side–

walks. Can't be licensed.




White fiber glass linish

with plastic foam inner

liner to absorb impact.

Delta-shaped hold-down

harness of vinyl-covered

nylon. Slip-buckle on chin

strap. For ages 4 thru 11.

Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 12 oz.

28 N7514 ........ . $13.95

It's the end of the trail for rough riding mini-machines. This mini-bike with exclusive

Floating Engine Suspension paves the way for


riding. Zip over rugged terrain,

glide over chuckholes .. unique chassis design makes the going easy. Engine, chain and

rear wheel are mounted on pivot arm, which in turn connects to main frame. Together

with rear motorcycle-type shocks, this feature smoothes the ride, lessens rider fatigue,

reduces chain whip and clutch bearing wobble; cuts down on chain and clutch wear.

Lustrous chrome-plated frame and fenders. Vinyl-covered foam-rubber seat.

But looks and comfort arc only part of this bike's traveling credentials. You also get:

4-HP, 4-cycle engine with 2-speed drive .. top end speed of 24 mph, rewind starter;

twist-grip throttle; centrifugal clutch; folding footrests; scrubber and hand brakes; U.S.

Forest Service-approved muffier; knobby tread 4:10/3:50x6 tubeless pneumatic rubber

tires. Measures 51 inches long, 35 inches high.

See Note above, left.

28 N80714N- Shipping weight 124 pounds............... . ................. $219.95