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for the man who's

particular about his accessories


Black walnut finish Valet with pen and pencil groove. Wood is hand-

somely grained, beautifully finished and hand crafted. Three compart–

ments for miscellaneous accessories. Gold color metal holder for wallet.

33 N27001- Size

1 2%"x6x~.i

inches. Shipping weight 14 oz.. . .... $5.00


Brawn walnut finish Valet with eyeglass holder. Felt-like fabric

lining cushions 11!asses. Wood is rubbed to a mellow lu:,ter. Smartly

turned pegs grip wallet firmly. Four roomy accessory sections.

33 N27003- Size 13x6)4!x;)i inches. Shippini; weight 12 oz... .... $6.00


Brown walnut finish Valet with adjustable 5-inch mirror fitted on



sections for cuff links, watch. etc. \Vood is hand rubbed to a

lustrous walnut fin ish. Single drawer bas two large sections and six

smaller ones. Brightly lined in luxurious red velour-like fabric.

33 N27002- Size 12;lix6'14x2;li inches. Shipping weight 2 lbs. ... $12.00


Solid black walnut Valet with single drawer is beautifully hand-

crafted. Top section for change, ri ngs. watch, etc. Shimmering gold

color metal wire holds wallet. JJrawer is conveniently constructed with

plastic partitions and richly lined with red velour-like fabric.

33 N27000-Size I lxix2;li inches. Shipping weight 2 pounds . . . $10.00


Tiered dresser Caddy in handsomely grained oak with metal crest.

Base is raised on four feet and scooped for miscellanies. 'Vood pillars

support plush-lined gallery designed for glasses, wallets, etc.

33 N27004-Size 12% x5;).:lx6 inches. Shipping weight 14 oz.. . . . Sl 1.00


Crested Valet of walnut on black vinyl leatherette over wood.

Opens to scoop tray for coins. etc. Compartments, jewelry holders.

33 N27010- Size 8%"x6xl %" inches. Shipping weight 1 pound ..... $5.00


Book Valet in imitation groined leather. 10 compartments. Scoop

lined in imitation leather; remainder in red felt-like fabric .

33 N27008-Black

33 N27009-Brown

Size 8x6x1)4! inches. Shipping weight 1 pound . .

. .. . $2.00

Key cases . . penlight or Key-Jector


Penlight. A touch of the finger turns on powerful little

"pen.light". 4-hook kev case has slide action for easv

key removal. Simulated


exterior, soft felt interio;.

License pocket. Clamshell case. Battery included. Black.

33 N27005- Size 2)4!x3;li inches. Shpg. wt. 4 oz. .... $3.00


Key-Jector. Four color-coded buttons control 4 keys.

Press a button and the key you want fiips up auto–

maticall)' .. locks safely inside when not in use. Buttons

allow you to select right key by touch of raised coding.

High impact polyethylene plastic case with fashionable

alligator-grained vinyl exterior.

33 N27006- Black

33 N27007- Brown

Size 3xJ;lix}1 inches. Shipping weight 4 ounces . . ... $4.50