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Capture the warmth of Colonial America in your bedroom and bath

with these charming designs .. red-white-and-blue towels and sheets

plus warm maple-finished accessories.


"Americana" Shower and Window Curtains. Waterproof vinyl;

printed eagle design. Mildew and stain resistant. Window cur–

tains fit rod up to 37 in. wide. See Big Book for hooks.

State color number

641-Fiesta Red 793-Federal Indigo deep (blue)

941-Winter White

Shower Curtain. 72 inches wide, 72 inches long.

96 N9131 H-Shipping weight 2 pounds 6 ounces ..... . ....... $4.99

Window Curtain. 68 inches wide, 45 inches long.

96 N9133H-Shipping weight 1pound11 ounces

Window Curtai n. 68 inches wide, 54 inches long.

96 N9134H-Shipping weight 1pound15 ounces




Eagle Bath Towels. Thick, soft Drylon towels of70% cotton and

30% rayon .. 20% more absorbent than all-cotton terry. Pucker·

proof borders, hemmed ends. Handsome brass-color embroidered ea·

gle on towels, stars on washcloths.

State color number

641-Fiesta Red 941-Winter White

793-Federal Indigo deep (blue)

96 N 3615H-Bath Towel. 25x48 in. Shipping weight 13 oz..... $3.23

96 N 3616H-Hand Towel. 16x27 in. Shipping weight 5 oz.... . .



96 N 3618H-Fingertip Towel. llxl8 in. Shipping weight 3 oz.... 90c

96 N 3617H-Washcloth. 13xl3 in. Shipping weight 3 oz......... 80c


PERMA-PREST®Federal Stripe Sheets and Pillowcases. No

ironing needed .. machine wash, hot, tumble dry. Preshrunk for

2% maximum fabric shrinkage. Blend of 50% polyester and 50%

combed cotton percale. Allover print of red and blue stripes on white

background. Flat sheets and pillowcases have red border. Elasto-Fit®

bottom sheets elasticized on four corners and across both ends. Sheet

sizes stated before hemming.

97 N 7764-Twin Flat. 72xl04 in. Shipping weight l lb. 8 oz.

97 N 7767-Full Flat. 8lxl04 in. Shipping weight l lb. 11 oz.

97 N 7760-Twin Fitted Bottom. Shipping weight 1 lb. 1 oz.

97 N 7761-Full Fitted Bottom. Shipping weight l lb. 4 oz...

. $5.29





97 N 7766-Pillowcases. Pr. 42x36 in. each. Wt. pair 10 oz. Pair


Shelf w ith 2 hardwood Towel Bars. Birch veneer with maple

finish. Mounts on wall; hardware incl. 2lx5xl2 in. high.

96 N 5800-Shipping weight 4 pounds 4 ounces ............... $7.29


Cabinet and Towel Bars. 2 towel bars. Maple-finished birch ve-

neer. Molded plastic sliding doors. Mount on wall; hardware in·

eluded. 20


hx7xll in. high.

96 N 5805-Shipping weight 8 pounds 8 ounces ............. $ 14.99


Shelf and Cabinet. Birch veneer with maple finish. Set on tank

or mount on wall .. hardware included. Molded plastic sliding

doors. Partly assembled. 20


/zx7% xl8 in. high.

96N5801-Shipping weight 9 pounds 12 ounces

... $18.99


Magazine Rack. Maple-finished birch veneer. Mounts on wall .

hardware included. 11'hx4xl7 inches high.

96 N 5804-Shipping weight 4 pounds 8 ounces.

. .. $7.50


Mirror. Maple-look plastic frame. Sheet glass mirror.

96 N 5803L-14'4x%x21


in. Shpg. wt. 8 \bs.

. ... $8.99


Corner Shelf. Birch veneer with maple finish. Mount on wall or

stand in corner. 18 inches high x lOV2 inches along each wall.


96 N 580 2-Shipping weight 3 pounds 6 ounces . . . . . ........ . . $7.99

NOTE: Items shown on shelves not included.