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Lower bi-fold

door to store

oven inside

portable cart

302 Sears


t's the perfect setting

for your new micro–

wave oven. Smart

and trim. it has buiJt–

in str ength of metal

and rich appearance

of walnut finished

hardboard. Brass col–

or metal legs. Ball–

bea ri n g casters.

26x15x25 in. hi g h .

Unassem. Wt. 42 lbs.

22 N 96000L . $54.95


Micro -wave Oven




No special wiring needed . . runs on ordinary household current' ; it's only

17 '/, in. wide so it saves counter space . . ideal for use in any room of your

home. on the patio or take it along on trips .. perfect in mobile homes. too



Sears micro-wave oven cooks cooler than any other kind of stove because interior


oven surfaces do not absorb micro-waves. they refl ect energy back into food


Sears micro-wave oven cleans spotless ly with just a damp cloth-unbelievable. but



true-because splatters can't bake on and fumes and grease hardly even exist



Cook 'n serve in same utensil (paper, plastic. g lass); minimize planning ahead

., I

and worry about unexpected guests: reheat food deliciously

Only Sears offers you the fastest micro-wave oven cooking because our unit produces higher wattage

Only Sears offers you a micro-wave oven that weighs a mere 59 lbs. . and that's the lightest there is

Only Sears offers you single-wall oven construction for maximum cooking area in a 17



in. wide unit

Only Sears offers you a positive door lock with metal mesh seal; cook-time chart and easy-carry grooves

Also has swing-down door, combination start-timer. signal light, bell, light. Tawny smoke enamel sides

with walnut vinyl trim; die-cast oven-front frame, door. Oven 17 fsxl3


hx7:Y.. in. high. Overall



hx16V2x17% in. high.

22 N 99200N-Shipping weight 71 pounds


listed for 110- 120-volt,

60-cycle AC.

.... $429.95