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Flags to show your colors

.. for window or porch

.. for desk or table



cotton flag


Deluxe Desk Set w ith

8x 1 2-inch flag . A hand–

some way to show your patri–

otism in the office or at

home. Flag is 100% rayon

with a 'f;-in. gold -color

fringe, tassel, cord. 5x5-in.

walnut finished wood base

has pledge of allegiance

plaque , gold-color eagle.

Gold-color staff has spear

top. 20 in. tall. Wt. 10 oz.

71 N 59048 .



Thr ifty Desk Set with

Outfits with your choice of nylon or cotton flag

Each 3x5-ft. flag has printed stars and double-sewn stripes for extra

strength. Outfits include a 6-ft., 2-pc. rust-resistant aluminum pole

with telescoping joint; steel bracket with cleat for mounting; hal–

yard, rope. Also 5-in. gold-color plastic eagle and flag etiquette book.

4 x6-in. flag. 100% rayon

with a gold-color fringe, cord,

tassel. 4x2-in. pol ished wal ·

nut finish wood base has

pledge of allegiance plaque.

no eagle. Gold-color staff

with spear top. 11 in. tall.

Shipping weight 5 oz.

7 1 N 5904 7 ........... $2.29

With Nylon Flag-the best material for flags . High tensile

strength fabric flutters easily, dries quickly. Resists shrinking.

71 N 59033C-Shipping weight 3 pounds ........... Outfit S10.99

With Cotton Flag. Tough 2-ply mercerized cotton bunting.

71 N 59027C-Shjpping weight 3 pounds. . ..

. .. Outfit $6.49

For good little dogs and cats

pet bed


Soft all-pile Dog Coat. Fluffy white collar

hip pocket. Red shell, belt, chest protector'.

Hand washable acrylic, cotton. Measure from

back of dog's neck to base of his tail.

State size

10, 12, 14 or 16 inches.

71 N 60422F-Shipping weight 4 oz. .... $2.99


Plush red oval Bed. Soft 5-in. high sides

completely surround pet, protect him from

drafts. Acrylic pile, cotton-backed cover slips off

to wash. 1-inch thick polyurethane foam core.

Size: l 7x24 inches.

71 N 60512C-Shipping weight 4 lbs. ... $7.49


Dog Stocking with 6

Toys. Rawh i(ie bow

tie, hot dog, fire hydrant,

h a rd r u bber rings, ba ll

and bone.

Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 4 oz.

71N60458 ....... $1 .99


Cat Stocking with 6

toys. Cat nip cloth

mouse and pillow, rubber

squeaky mouse, roll toy,

ball, jingle spool.

- ,,.

Shipping wt. 8 oz.








. .$1 .59

Bird Bu ffet

. coachlamp desig n

An elegant 3-inch tall Ameri–

can eagle tops the gold-color

dome of this handsome bird

feede1·. Metallic black roof and

tray; clear sides made of

weather-resistant plastic from

Hong Kong. F'eeder is llxl4 in.

high. Includes 59-inch black en–

amel steel pole. From Japan .

Shipping weight 5 pounds.


.. S7.99

Aquarium Outfits

. lighted and unlighted-totally

accessorized, nothing else to buy


unlighted outfit

Just add the fish and you're ready to enjoy hours of

relaxing entertainment. In each outfit, you get a

gleaming glass tank with a slate bottom and a rust–

resistant stainless steel frame-plus a good quality

pump that runs 1 filter and 2 aerators. Also include

heater-thermostat, corner inside filter with char–

coal and glass wool, air tubing, thermometer, fish

food and tank care booklet. For 110-120-volt, 60-c.

AC. Why not pick up the phone and order it?

Lighted Aquarium Outfits with full covers. Stain–

less steel reflector covers brighten aquarium, keep

fish in. Includes two 25-watt incandescent bulbs.

15-gallon size. 24xl2xl2 in. high. 75-w. heater.

71 N 64034L-Shpg. wt. 29 lbs. . . .. .Outfit S28.99

10-gallon size. 20xl0xl2 in. high. 50-w. heater.

71 N 64033L-Shpg. wt. 22 lbs.. .. .. Outfit $23.99

Unlighted Outfits. Same as above, but no covers.

10-gallon size. 20xl0xl2 in. high. 50-w. heater.

71 N 64072L-Shpg. wt. 22 lbs...... Outfit S16.99

5-gallon size. 14x8xl0 in. high. 25-w. heater.

71 N 64071 C-Shpg. wt. 13 lbs.. . .. .Outfit$ 13.99