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Tiny Tots Library with Grow Tape


Set of 6. Toy-shaped Plastex plastic picture books-each



/.ix6lf.. in. with 12 pages of pictures. Titles include: Teddy

Bear, My House, Pinky Panda, Pussy Cat, Bow Wow and

Cindy Lou. Grow Tape measures 5lx2'h in. Books made of

non-toxic, tear-resistant vinyl plastic material with non-toxic

printing inks and thread-sewn binding. To clean pages, just

wipe with damp cloth.

3 N 16301-Shippingweight8ounces ....... .. ..Set $1.97

Baby·s first set of Picture Books

$ 1~~

Set of 6. Plastex plastic books, thread sewn and printed with

non-toxic inks. Each measures 6x7'h-in. with 8 pages of color

pictures. To clean, wipe with damp cloth. Titles include: Ob–

jects, Things Baby Sees, Cuddly Animals, Hey Diddle Diddle,

Baby's Large Objects, Things Baby Does.

3 N 16308-Shipping weight 8 ounces .... . . . .... Set S1.55

3 Books

in set


Washable Book




m set

Set o f 3 . Bright, non-fad–

ing pictures on every page.

High quality cloth, non-tox–

ic. Titles: Puffy the Engine

(8x8 in.), ABC (6x8'h in.),

Teddy (6


4x6 in.) 8 pgs. ea.

England. Wt. 4 oz.

3N 16332 .. .. .8etS 1.88

Set of 6 . Same high quality

cloth as in books at left. Set

of 6 books, 6x7 in., 8 pages

each. Titles: Our House, Out

of Doors, Here's Fun, All

Around, More Animals, Four

Legs. England. Wt. 5 oz.

3 N 1633 1...... ...Set $2.37

Touch and


Feel Books


( 1 thru 3 ) Activity books for

young children. Textured pic–

tures of wonderful things . .

soft bunnies, scratchy sand,

lots of things to feel. Spiral

bound. Bright pictures on card–

board pages. Comes in own

plastic see-through box. Each

book 5%x6 in.

(1) 3N 16305-Touch Me Book

(2) 3N 16309-Pat the Bunny




_..._,..'-' (3) 3N 16307-Look! Look!



ea. 10 oz. ..Ea. S2.27

Baby·s Contour Books

$ 2~2

Set of


Shaped books, with shiny

wipe-clean pages of sturdy cardboard.

Each has 10 colorful pages, measures

7x8 in. Titles include: Baby Animals,

Trains, My First ABC , and Mother

Goose. Each book in shape ofits title.

3N 16481-Wt. l lb. 9 oz.....Set $2.59

Wheel Books


Set of 3 . Wheels on each actually

turn. Comb bindings. Includes Big

Train Book, Big Fire Engine Book, Big

Truck Book. 2 measure 7%xl2lf.. in.,

one 14x6'h in. 18


24 pages.

3 N 16314-Wt. 2 lbs. 12 oz. Set $2.88

Play and Learn

$ 3~~

Set of 3. Books are spiral bound, lay

flat for easy reacting, playing. Full-col–

or illustrations. Each book has move–

able part. Titles: Clock Book, Shoe

Book, ABC Book. 7


hxl3 in.

3 N 16315- Wt. l lb. 7 oz...Set $3.66

First Story Library


Set of 20 . Charming read-a loud

books. With 8 fairy tales, 8 nursery

tales, others. Titles incl: Peter Rabbit,

Tom Thumb and many more. Large

type. Each book 12 pages, 6'iii x8 in.

3 N 16326-Wt. l lb. 9 oz. . .Set $2.29


of 8 . Sturdy cardboard covers in

shape of character. Actually "stand

up ''. 5x4'h in. each. Titles include:

Bunny's Friends, Dinky Duck, Kitty's

Adventure, Peter Panda, Bobby Lamb,

Pixie Poodle, Timmy Tiger; Teddy.

3 N 16302-Shpg.


12 oz. Set $1 .88

See and Do Books



of 4 . Each book has 16 full-color

hardboard pages, size 6xl2 in. Each

book teaches an everyday skill. Titles:

Mrs. Brown's Children, Wonderful

Time, Hanky Panky, Tell O'Fun.

3 N 16399-Shpg. wt. 14 oz. Set $1.77

Play and Learn Books


Set of 3. Explores the world of things

that go. Same great features as the

books at left. Titles: Truck Book, Fire

Engine, Train Book. Each book 7



in. 18 pages each.

3 N 16311-Wt. llb. 8 oz... Set $3.66

Golden Shape Books

$ 2~.:

Set of 10. Each book has the shape of

title. With large type. Simple text tells

about one subject. Each is 8x8 in., with

24 pages. 101 Dalmatians, Raggedy


8 others.

3 N 16323-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.. Set



Tiny Golden Library


Set of 24. Hours of entertainment for

your child. Each miniature book is




in. Cardboard covers. Titles in–

clude Uncle Quack, Baby Bears, Little

Squirrel, many others. In slip case.

3 N 16304-Wt. l lb. 2 oz. ....Set $2.59