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Don't miss this 12-inch diagonal measure picture



Instant starting means you'll get sound immediately and your

picture in just 8 seconds on the 75-square inch viewing area

screen. And the picture you'll get will stay steady and flutter-free

thanks to keyed automatic gain control and automatic chroma

control. Automatic color purifier keeps colors rich and vivid. Cus–

tomize color the way you like it with slide-type tint control. Extra

bright picture tube . . 18,000 powerful volts ofcolor brightness.

Listen through the 4-inch speaker .. or the private earphone on

12-foot cord. Built-in two-pole VHF antenna . . clip-on loop UHF

antenna. Wood-grained plastic cabinet: 13'hxl9xl5'h in. Japan.

W57 N 4028N-Shippingweight 51 pounds . . . . .. . .. .. . $219.95


Wood roll-about Cart for (1 ). 2014x27*xl6 in. Unassembled.

W57N4515C-Shippingweight11 pounds. .. . .. . . . .. 19.95

Our lowest priced Color TV offers

II-inch diagonal measure picture

Automatic chroma control teams-up with keyed automatic gain

control to give you steady pictures .. constant color. Automatic

color purifier keeps colors rich and vivid. Four-inch oval speaker.

69-sq. in. viewing area .. 18,000-volt chassis. Hook to indoor or

outdoor antenna. Brown cabinet 18xl2x15 in. Japan.

W5 7 N 4008N-Shipping weight 46 pounds .. . . . .. . . . .



Metal roll-about Cart for above. 20x34xl7


in. Unassembled.

W57 N 4503L-Shippingweight 12 pounds . . . . .... . . ... . $12.95


It's a 23-inch diagonal measure Color TV with

matching wood-grained vinyl-clad metal floor stand




16-inch diagonal measure

Portable Color TV

Offers the performance of larger, more

expensive console sets .. thanks to features

like Automatic Tint Lock for natural color




Automatic tint lock is but one of the many advances

that keep flesh tone colors pure on this 145-square inch

viewing area portable. For instance, take our extraordinary Chromix



trol . . it lets you mix the colors on your screen to your preference much the

same way as an artist does with his palette. Instant starting brings sound

immediately and a picture in 8 seconds. Automatic fine tuning control homes–

in on best signal at all times. Automatic chroma control and keyed automatic

gain control team-up to hold color pulsations and picture flutter to a bare

minimum. Automatic color purifier makes sure your colors are always rich

and pure, even


you move the set around a lot. Sharpness control sets

normal or soft images to your taste.

Powerful modular hybrid chassis delivers 22,000 volts of picture bright–

ness. Extra bright picture tube. Lighted channel indicator. Slide color, tint

and volume controls. Recessed handle.

Listen through either the 5-inch oval speaker . . or the earphone or pillow

speaker, both on 12-foot cords. Two-pole VHF antenna, clip-on UHF antenna.

Walnut-grain molded plastic cabinet measures 21xl614 x18 inches deep.

W57 N 4095N-Shipping weight 61 pounds ... . .. .. . .... ... . .. .... $289.95


Wood roll-about Cart


(3) above. 26x30x20 in. Unassembled.

W57 N 4554C-Shipping weight 15 pounds . .. . .. . . . .. . .. . . . ... .




Instant start brings sound immediately and a picture in just 8 seconds on the

295-square inch viewing area screen. Then just flick automatic fine tuning con–

trol for clea rest picture and sound. And you can be like an artist with his palette

by mixing colors you prefer thanks to our extraordinary Chromix


control. Auto·

matic color purifier keeps colors rich and vivid. Keyed automatic gain control

and automatic chroma control combine to hold picture steady, colors constant.

Powerful 25,000-volt chassis. VHF "memory" fine tuning. Long life solid state

UHF tuner. Bonded, etched tinted glass cuts reflected glare. Lighted channel

numbers. Stay-set volume control. Five-inch speaker. VHF and UHF antennas.

Walnut-grain vinyl-clad metal TV cabinet with molded plastic front measures

28* x22x21 :Y. inches deep. Floor stand measures 30*xl4xl2


4 inches deep.

W57 N 42764N2-TV and stand. Shipping weight 119 pounds ...... ... $469.95

W57 N 42762N-TV only. Shipping weight 109 pounds . ... .... . . . . . . .. 459.95

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