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The new view in


Clean, built-in look,

walnut-grained furniture styling

and 16-inch

diagonal measure picture

Instant start makes picture come alive in

seconds . . prolongs set life. Light diffuser

screen breaks up the glare so you see only

the telecast picture. VHF "memory" fine–

tuning keeps the picture fine-tuned elec–

tronically. Keyed automatic gain control

keeps 141-square-inch picture flutter-free.

Powerful 16,000-volt chassis for crisp pic–

tures. Slide rule UHF control. Five-inch

oval speaker. Earphone on 12-foot cord.

UHF and VHF antennas. Walnut-grained

molded plastic cabinet; 2l3/



inches deep. UL listed.

Shipped freight (rail

or truck) or express.

W57 N 5040N-Shpg.


33 lbs ...




All TV's operate on 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC.



Works on house current, or you can

buy rechargeable battery

or car cigarette-l ighter adapter

9-inch diagonal

measure picture


battery, antenna

sold separately

Equipped with swivel base that lets you turn set 360' for best

viewing. Brightens its 44-sq. in. picture with 11,000 volts-shar p

pictures with or without clip-on sun screen in place. Two ways to

listen: 4'fi-in. oval speaker, or switch to private earphone on 12-ft.

cord. VHF and UHF antennas. Plastic, ivory-colored cabinet;

12x10x10 inches. From Japan. UL listed. For outdoor use order

battery below. Cigarette lighter adapter and antenna for in-car or

in-boat use also sold separately below.

Sent freight (rail or truck)

or express.

Shipping weight 18 pounds.

W57 N 5022N . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. $94.95

Rechargeable Battery. Built-in recharger. For Sears transistor–

ized TV's only. Provides up to 4 hours yjewing per recharge. Black

leather carrying case with strap.

W57 N 8991-Shipping weight 11 pounds . .. . . .... . ..... $29.95

Cigarette-lighter Adapter. Runs TV on car or truck 12-v. current.

W5 7 N 89951-Shipping weight 1 pound . . . . . . .

. ... $5.95



car/boat Antenna. Channels 2-12.

57 N 6795-Shippingweight3pounds5ounces . ......... $19.95




Brilliant picture. ·. our best black-and-white TV

housed in a slim and stylish console cabinet



measure picture

Our biggest black-and-white screen set features full 282-sq. in. viewable area

picture. Automatic gain control reduces "snow", picture flutter. Packs 20,000

volts of brightness. Two 5-in. speakers. Pull-out on/ off control lets you keep

sound set at level you want. Lighted channel numbers, glare-reducing tinted

picture tube face. Sensitive UHF tuner, signal boosting VHF tuner. Lustrous

walnut veneer top, sides, hardwood legs, frame. 37


/ , 6

x28%x16lfi inches

deep. UL listed.

W57 N 5171 N-Shipping weight 85 pounds...

. .



Just for you ..

personal size 9-i nch

diagonal measure picture

portable TV with

automatic keyed gain control

Black-and-white 44-sq. in. viewing

area. Powerful 9,000-volt chassis.

Round 3-inch speaker. VHF, UHF

antennas. Beige and brown plastic

cabinet with beige trim; 13x10xl0

inches deep. UL listed. From Ja–


Sent freight (rail or truck) or


W57 N 5000N-Wt. 16 lbs. $68.95

Sears Has a Credit Plan

to Suit Your Needs

See Big Book or ask for details