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360°Sound·in·the·Round ..

compact and portable

Full Stereo Phonograph Component System featuring "cue

and pause lever" .. cuts down record wear and tear

•BSR 4-speed turntable

•Two 5


-inch speakers

A most unusual design to bring you the sounds of modem stereo.

Model built to


fully portable .. speakers and unit lock together,

easily carried. Fully hinged, removable smoked plastic changer

cover. Ceramic cartridge; padded 11-in. turntable.

Diamond needle. Volume, bass, treble and balance controls.

Each high compliance 514-inch speaker has hi-frequency cone in

sealed enclosure for fine stereo sound (can


wall mounted). Tape

jacks let you record directly off phonograph. Or use tape deck for

playback. Stereo headphone jack. Walnut-grained vinyl enclo–

sures 6x6x15 inches high.Black vinylbody


57 N 3285L- Shipping weight 41 pounds... .... . .. . ... $119.95

NOTE : All item• UL listed lo< 110-120-volt. 60-cycle'il.C.

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Stereo FM/AM Cassette Tape Player–

Recorder with speakers in walnut-grained

hardwood cabinets. Bass reflex speaker

enclosures deliver concertlike sound right

into your own home. And you can record·

music directly from radio. Sliding dust

cover protects cassette

Record family fun on

tape this Christmas .. or

play your favorite pre•recorded music


Stereo FM/AM Player-Recorder.

Plays and records in both stereo and mono.

Can use any pre-recorded cassette. Hi-lo monitor switch automatically adjusts

listening level. Separate tone and volume controls on FM/ AM radio let you adjust

sound quality. Automatic frequency control locks in drift-free FM. Jacks for

phono, tape deck, mikes (order 57


7468 on page 391). Lighted meters. Blank

cassette included. Frequency response: receiver 20- 20,000 Hz; deck 50-12,000 Hz.

Speaker enclosures


inches deep. Receiver 18\4x4"2xl3 inches deep.

57 N 7418L-Shipping weight 42 pounds...... . .............. . . . .. . .. $217.95


Stereo Headphone on 10-foot Cord.

Plug into receiver for


dimension stereo

sound. Get 20 to 17,000 Hz frequency range. 8-ohm impedance.

57 N 7444-Shipping weight 1 pound 8 ounces........... ..... . . ... ... $29.95



Stereo System

All solid-state

electronic system.

Plays both mono and

stereo records.

Cueing control and

adjustable anti-skate






Sears lowest priced compact phono / radio system. Features 25-watt mu–

sic power and 35- 20,000 Hz receiver frequency response. 4-speed, 11-inch

turntable, Ceramic cartridge changer


diamond stylus. Plug your own

headphone and


deck into unit's outputs. Shuts off automatically after

last record plays. Two 6-inch speakers in bookshelf enclosures. Mode indica–

tor lights for AM, FM, FM stereo. Protective dust cover.16'hx91Axl 7inches

deep. Speakers 9


hx15x5 \4 inches deep .

57 N 7406N- Freight (rail, truck), express. Shpg. wt. 35 lbs. . .


Contemporary design lo-boy Record Cabinet

Stores up to 300 albums. Use top to hold any portable stereo

Modem styling blends well into any setting. Sliding doors give easy access

to albums. Removable record dividers for converting to general storage

cabinet. Walnut printed hardboard finish. Unassembled. 40x16x19 in. high .

57 N 8542L- Shipping weight 27 pounds . . ... . . .. . . . . . . .. . . . .