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Six-player Croquet Set fo r great fam ily fun


Square hardwood rack (unassembled) with tubular steel uprights holds en–

tire set. Angular mallet position keeps mallets at hand. Colorfully striped

6-inch hardwood mallet heads with 24-inch screw-in handles .. varnished

for long wear. 3-inch dfameter balls of compressed maple .. color coded to

mallets. Shiny steel wickets. Gaily striped end posts. Instructions.

6 N 12384C-Shipping weight 10 pounds . .

. .. Set S10.95

Save 43 on this 8-piece Jart Set

with long-life plastic iart fins ·

It's easy to play .. simply toss jarts underhand like horseshoes and try to

land them in the plastic target rings. Jarts have brightly colored plastic

fins, detachable gold-color metal shanks, gold-color metal points. 2 target

rings, 4 jarts (2 red, 2 blue), 2 extra fins, rules.

6 N 1251 1-Shipping weight 3 pounds . . . . . ... . .. . . .. . ..... Set

$5. 66

Our lowest price ever for this

regulation-size Tether Ball Set

with heavy-duty steel pole

Priced to be






such an




Tctha Ball



as a



our spedal openlq seeti- ..



Tether Ball . . great backyard fun for two people oi· invite

the whole gang over and choose up sides for hours of fun.

Watch ball whip wildly as you hit it around sturdy 10.foot

steel pole (pole has 10-in. ground sleeve). Regulation-size

tether ball is r ugged, easy-to-clean white vinyl. 7%-ft. teth–

er ball cord, rules included.

6 N 12553C-Shippingweight 6 pounds . . . . . .Set


Four Squares Kickball


Lots of fun on playgrounds or in

the back yard. This ball is built

for lively action .. no dead spots

to slow down the fun .

Red pebble-grain cover. Two–

ply molded laminated vinyl con–

struction .. long wearing, scuff,

water resistant. 8


f,.in. diameter.

How-to-play instructions and

inflating needle are included.

Shipping weight 1 lb. 5 oz.

6 N 12565

.. S3.59

Rubber Soccer Kickball


Official size and weight ball is extra Ii ,· ·ly for ex–

citing soccer fun. Pebble grained rubber cover

over a tough butyl rubber bladder means it's

bwlt to last through many action-packed soccer

matches. Water resistant. scuff resistant. Inflat–

ing needle and rules included. From Hong Kong.

6 N 123 37-Shipping weight 1 pound ..... S5.99