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13-inch Conve rta-Bike. For boys

or girls .. remove center bar for girls'

bike. Sloped-down drag-strip frame has

chrome-plated fenders. White glitter vi–

nyl mini-banana seat with chrome-plat–

ed support bar. J unior power-grip

chrome-plated handlebars. Semi-pneu–

matic 16xl%-in. rear tire, front 13xl%–

in. mini-wheel never go flat. Safety de–

signed coaster brake. Adjustable leg

reach. Training wheels included.

6 N 47902L-Flamboyant red frame

6 N47901 L-Flamboyant yellow frame

Shipping weight 30 pounds . .... S29.95

16-in ch Convert a ·Bikes with t r ain ing wheels included and tires t hat can't go fl at


Center bar is added to convert to a boy's

bike. Semi-pneumatic 16xl%-in. tires stand

up to nails and broken glass. Coaster brake.

Flamboyant tu rquoise frame, chrome-plated

fenders. Junior banana seat covered with white

glitter vinyl. Chrome-plated support bar. J unior

power-grip handlebars are chrome-plated. Rear

reflector. Adjustable leg reach. Training wheels.

6 N 47872L-Shipping weight 31 lbs... . . $29.95


Just lowe r the cente r bar for a girls' mod–

e l. 16xl%-in. redline tires are semi-pneu–

matic .. can't go flat. Coaster brake.

A real Spyder with a flamboyant lemon-lime

frame, chrome-plated fenders. White vinyl

mini-banana seat with chrome-plated support

bar. Junior power-grip handlebars chrome-plat–

ed, too. Adjustable leg reach. Training wheels.

6 N 47866L-Shipping weight 30 lbs... . S27 .95


Lower or remove the center tank . . it's that

easy to make it a


bike. Semi-pneumatic

16xl%-in. tires won't go flat. Coaster brake.

Flamboyant magenta frame with bright white

fenders. One-piece metal seat and post are ma–

genta to match the frame. Chrome-plated handle–

bars. Adjustable leg reach. Training wheels.

6 N 478 16L-Shipping weight 30 lbs.. . .. $23.33


Sears 407