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This Certifies that

has successfully completed the Sears Ted

Williams Shooting Education Program

and is a member in good standing of the

Ted Williams Shooting Education Club.

Member's Signature Parent's Signature




Crosman® .22-caliber self-cocking Pel-

let Rifle. Easy stroke action . . 6 pump

strokes deliver up to 575 feet per second muz–

zle velocity. Single-shot. Steel barrel. Wal–

nut-finished hardwood Monte Carlo stock.

Solid ramp style front, adjustable rear

sight. 35 inches long.

6 N 19426C2- (Shpg. wt. 6 lbs.) ... . $33.99


4-gun Rack with locking bar and

drawer. Hardwood richly finished in

walnut tones. Felt-padded brackets. 26x30 '1i

inches high. Unassembled. From Japan.

6 N21231C- Shpg. wt. 6lbs... . .... $13.75


Racks with locking bar.Walnut-finished

hardwood. Felt-padded brackets. Japan .

4-gun Rack. 233Ax223A inches high.

6 N 21204C-Unassembled. Wt. 3lbs.. .$7.99

3 -gun Rack. 233Axl7


4 inches high.

6 N 21203C-Unassembled. Wt. 3lbs. .. $6.99

414 Sears


·Included with the purchase

of any BB or Pellet Gun

This course book enables a father

to teach his son or daughter basic

concepts in gun usage. Upon

completion of the course, the

youngster will receive a certifi–

cate, patch and membership card

in the Ted Williams Shooting

Education Club.


you wish, the Ted Williams

Shooting Course can be ordered


Shooting Education



6 N 19054-Wt. 4 oz.. .. .. $1.00

Important Message to Par–



will not sell or deliver


Guns to any person under 21

years of age. In states and locali–

ties where the law allows the sale

of Air Guns to individuals under

21, parents may make such pur–

chases from Sears for their chil–

dren. Orders may be placed by

phone, but not thru the mail.

You must pick up your order in

person at a Sears Catalog Sales

Store or Retail Store. Federal



not required. Sales

subject to state and local laws.


Daisy Pump BB Gun. 50-shot repeater.

Walnut-look plastic stock, forearm. Steel

barrel. 37


in. long.

6 N 19424C2- (Shpg. wt. 5 lbs.) .. .. .$8.69


Lever-action 500-shot Repeater. Plas-

tick stock, forearm. Steel barrel. 31 in.

long. BB's, gun oil included.

6 N 19422C2- (Shpg. wt. 4 lbs.) . . . . . $7.69

Pellets. Powerlets. BB's


Carton of 1600 BB's. Pour spout.

6 N 19264- (Wt. 2 lbs.) . . Carton 99c


CO, Powerlets. Box of 5.

6 N 19292- (Wt. 7 oz.) .. . Box $1 .29


.22-caliber Pellets. Lead. Self-dis-

pensing metal box of 500.

6 N 19302- (Wt. 1 lb. 3 oz.) .. Box $2.39

.177-caliber Pellets. Box of 500.

6 N 19301 - (Wt. l lb. 3 oz.) . . Box $1 .89

Daisy Spittin' Image®

BB Guns


Winchester 94 Replica. A spittih' image of the

famous saddlegun. Repeating two-way lever–

matic action means easier cocking. Authentic side

loading port. Safety hammer. Steel barrel. Buckhorn

rear sight and ramp-style front.

Plastic stock and forearm with handsome wood–

grain look. Blue and black metal parts. 40-shot ca–

pacity. Overall length 38 inches. Weighs 3


h pounds.



oil, 2 packages of BB's.



19428C2-(Shipping weight 6 lbs.).. . .... $15.49



Remington 572 Replica. A spittin' image of

one of America's most popular pump-action

repeaters. Slide pwnp action. Two-way cockingaction

. . spring forced feed. Cross bolt safety. Under barrel

magazine loads fast, has a 45-shot capacity. Steel

barrel. Bead front sight with step adjusting rearsight.

Ribbed slide.

Plastic stock and forearm with woodgrain look.

Checkered pistol grip. Grooved receiver for tip-off

scope mount. 42 inches long.

6 N 19431C2-(Shipping weight 5 pounds) ... $17.99

Exciting Crosman®

BB Guns


M-1 Carbine-style BB Gun. Looks just like

the famous World War II


Fast slide action

barrel chambers a BB each time


is cocked. Ad–

justable rear sights. Authentic front blade sight.

Built-in visual loading magazine holds 22 BB's. De–

tachable clip holds 270 spare BB's. Handsome plastic

stock. Steel barrel.

Overall length 35% inches.

6 N 19437C2- (Shipping weight 6 pounds) .. .S19.87


Crosmane 500 Semi-Automatic BB Repeater.

Fires over 100 shots from one C02 powerlet.

Rapid fire capacity of 50 BB's without reloading.

Up to 350 ft. per second muzzle velocity. Positive

safety. "O" ring


valve design. Adjustable wind–

age and elevation field sights. Walnut-look urethane

stock. Steel barrel. Grooved receiver for scope mount.

37% inches long.

6 N 19435C2- Prepaid. (Shpg. wt. 8 lbs.) . .. .$22.88


Crosmane 760 Pump Repeater Rifle. Easy

short stroke achieves muzzle velocity up to 550

ft. per second. Magazine chamber holds 180 BB's ..

also shoots .177-caliber pelleta. Positive cross-bolt

safety. Checkering on urethane stock and forearm.

Partridge-type front sight, adjustable rear sight for

windage and elevation.

Steel barrel. Receiver grooved for scope mount.

35'h inches long.

6 N 19433C2-(Shipping weight 6 lbs.) . ..... $21 .99

All BB Guns and Ammunition sent prepaid. Sears

pays all transportation charges from the catalog order

plant to your pickup point. which is either a Sears

Catalog Sales Store or Retail Store.

Shooting Galleries

( 14 and 16


Help improve skill. Shota pass through

corrugated cardboard then safely fall onto steel sheet.

For BB's or pellets.


Safari Shooting Gallery. Plug in and a herd

of beasts moves. Complete with spare target

figures and panorama background. 110-120-v., 60c.

AC, UL listed. 14x21x8 in. deep.

6 N 19285C-Shipping weight 17 lbs......... $18.99

Extra Safari Targets. For (14) only. 34 per set.

6 N 19286- Shipping weight 3 ounces.......... 99c


Buffalo Shooting Gallery. Colorful buffaloes

fall when hit. Wide panorama strip. Steel. One

spare target. l lxl8x8 inches deep.

6 N 19289- Shipping weiglit 5 lbs. 5 oz.. .. .... $9.99

Buffalo Repl. Targets. For (15) only, 24 per set.

6 N 19290- Shipping weight 2 ounces. . ... . . ... 99c