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CUT $5.00.

Double girders give this set 48%more top bar

strength than comparable single bar sets. There's a 4-seater

lawn swing, glide ride and 2 swings. Steel-reinforced yellow

plastic seats. Blue top bars are each 91h ft. long; 4 multi–

color legs, each 714


long. 2-inch tubular steel frame;

enamel finish. Climber slide has 5 ft. galvanized steel bed.'

10Y.ixl2% ft. base area. 5


h ft. high ticket booth of cor–

rugated paper board, steel legs.

79 N 72089N- Unassembled. Shpg. wt. 140 lbs....


Rugged 4·leg Gym with room enough for 6 rollicking riders

Gym without slide


with 2-rider lawn swing, glide-ride and

2 swings. Steel seats with smoot h, rolled edges. Red, blue and

yellow baked enamel finish. l 'h-inch tubular steel legs, 61h feet

long each. 2-inch t ubular steel top bar, 81h feet ·long ov erall.

Base area about 5'tx9% feet. Hardware packaged separately

for each section


simplify assembly.

79 N 72082N-Shipping weight 63 pounds . ......... .$25.99

Gym plus 6-ft. Slide.

Smooth I-piece

slide bed of galvanized steel.' 7



ft. base area. Hardware packaged sep·

arately for easier assembly. •

79 N 72083tl-Wt. 83 lbs...... $32.99


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freight (rail, truck) or express.


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