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It's a School onWheels

Comes complete with playground and school bus

Sold only at Sears


Miss Teach-it is the school marm


her ten pupils.

School bell ding-dongs as school is pulled along.

Playground includes bobbing turtle, a whirling

merry-go-round with room for 4 young pupils, and

a slide at the rear of the platform. Alert driver

looks from side to side watching traffic as he

"drives" students


home and school in the bus. All

pieces fit into schoolhouse for easy storage. Plastic

school with colorful lithographed metal walls.



5 in. high. Ages 2


6. From Hong Kong.

49 N 4408-Shipping weight 3 lbs. 8 oz. ... .. $7 .99

Welcome to

Matters new

fantasy world

Upsy-Downsy® Gift Set with Storybook


All the fun of a miniature Upsy Downsy Landg in one package. Com–

plete with "Welcome to Upsy-Downsy Land" storybook, fold-out card–

board playland and 3 zany molded plastic characters. Includes Furry

Hurry® (top and doll). Funny Feeder® (burger stand and 2 dolls), and

Tickle Pinkie® and her Bugabout Upsylll car, plus accessories. For ages 5

to 12. Imported from Hong Kong.

49 N 44171-Shipping weight 3 pounds .... . .. . ............. Set $9.99

Musical Kiddie Barn with a herd of animals

Sold only

at Sears

Just turn the hand crank on the musical silo and listen to the imported

music box play. Silo folds inside "barnyard" when you want to take

barn and animals with you. Vinyl and plastic barn closes to about 9x7x7

in. high carry case. Hand-painted molded plastic animals. Hong Kong.

49 N 44162-Shipping weight 1pound12 ounces ............. . . $4.69